Using Channel Drains to Protect Your Hardscape

//Using Channel Drains to Protect Your Hardscape

Using Channel Drains to Protect Your Hardscape

One of the great things about living in Michigan is that we have plenty of precipitation. Great snow for winter activities and plenty of rain in the summers to grow beautiful gardens and lush forests. Having a lot of precipitation can have its disadvantages however, and around our homes, they are often most evident in our hardscape features, especially paver patios, sidewalks and driveways. Channel drains can be a great way to protect your paver hardscape from the impacts of precipitation or even the water from your home’s irrigation system.

What is a Channel Drain?

Often, when we mention installing a channel drain to our clients, we are met with confused looks and questions like, “what is a channel drain?” Channel drains are actually very common and most people would recognize them as the narrow grates that run along the side of a swimming pool to collect water that is splashed out of the pool. Channel drains are really helpful features in all sorts of applications, including protecting paver hardscapes from water and precipitation. Channel drains are narrow, u-shaped pipes that run along the edge of your hardscape, moving water from where you don’t want it, to a more practical and less damaging location.

How do Channel Drains Protect my Paver Surface?

One of the biggest enemies of paver hardscapes is water. Water, whether it’s natural or from your home’s irrigation system, can have big impacts on your brick paver surfaces. Standing water on your paver hard surfaces can cause sinking or heaving of your pavers, and often results in costly paver repairs. Channel drains are the perfect answer for moving water off of your paver hardscapes. Because channel drains can be set in any part of your hardscape, they are great for moving water away from your patio, driveway or sidewalks. Water can be sent to the storm drain, or can even be used to water small gardens.

How Are Channel Drains Installed?

Of course you are familiar with channel drains at your local pool. If you notice, there is always a gentle slope to the hard surface, directing water to the drain. The same process applies no matter whether you are installing a driveway, patio or sidewalk. We start by creating a gentle slope, in the desired direction, with the base material of your paver hard surface. At the edge of your patio, driveway or sidewalk, we will bury your channel drain. The top of the drain will be just below the level of your paver surface, so that it will not be a trip hazard and will easily catch water from your paver surface. Channel drains can be installed along edges or through the middle of your hardscape, depending on where you want the water to go. Your channel drains will have a slotted cover that will keep debris like grass clippings and leaves from clogging your channel drains. This cover also makes it easy to clean your channel drains if they do get plugged with debris.

Channel drains are a great option for your paver hardscape. Having the ability to easily move water away from your paver hardscape will prevent much of the damage that is caused by standing water. Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape is ready to help you create the paver hardscape of your dreams. With details like channel drains to keep your hard surface looking great for a long time, Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape is your southeast Michigan expert in hardscapes and landscapes. For more information on our services or to schedule a paver hard surface estimate today, call us at (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600.