Travertine: A Unique Paver for Your Home’s Hardscapes

//Travertine: A Unique Paver for Your Home’s Hardscapes

Travertine: A Unique Paver for Your Home’s Hardscapes

With so many different types of pavers on the market, it can be a chore to figure out which you want to use for your Macomb County landscape. With options ranging from brick, concrete and natural stone, you have a variety to choose from. In many cases, we help you select pavers that fit the application and location best. One paver material that is getting a lot of attention, and is becoming more and more popular in exterior hardscaping, is Travertine.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone product that is similar in look and make-up to marble. Depending on where it is quarried, travertine can range in color from dark brown or gray, to pinkish to almost white. Travertine pavers can be smoothed to look like tile, or left rough, showing the features of the rocks, including bumps, holes and other imperfections. In general, travertine pavers are cut in square and rectangle shapes which allow them to be set in a variety of unique and attractive patterns.

The Pros of Using Travertine

Travertine is an incredibly tough and durable paver material. Unlike many other stone options, travertine is a great product for driveways. The structure of the rock makes travertine as strong as brick or concrete pavers, so they are a great option for driveways. Travertine is also not a very porous material, so it does not hold on to stains from grease, oils or lawn clippings. This feature makes travertine easy to keep clean and maintain, no matter the location in your hardscapes. Combine the strength and durability with a surface that doesn’t get hot, and you have the perfect paver product for pool side patios. Selecting a natural cut unpolished paver, and your pool side patio will not only look great, but you have a slip resistant surface that is easy on the feet. Finally, travertine is also a great material for fireplaces and fire pits. It stands up well to high heat, so the risk of cracking or splitting is minimal with this product.

The Cons of Travertine

It seems like there is little bad to mention about using travertine in your hardscapes. However, it does have some pitfalls. Travertine is generally cut into thin “tiles.” This makes the product less than ideal for building retaining walls. They work well on the top of retaining walls, but you will need a different paver product for building retaining walls in your landscape. There is also a color limitation to travertine. While dark colored travertine is available, it is more common to find it in the lighter range of colors. If you are looking for a paver with bolder colors, travertine is probably not the best option for your hardscape. Finally, there’s the price. If you are working on a budget, we may recommend a more traditional paver material like brick, concrete or another type of stone. Travertine can be substantially higher in price per square foot.

If you are looking for a unique product for your Macomb County hardscape, and Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape is helping you design your dream outdoor living area, ask us about using travertine pavers as an alternative to traditional stone or brick. The durability, variety and easy maintenance make it the ideal product for your home’s hardscape. To learn more about Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape or to schedule an estimate, please call us today at (248) 650-3600 or (586) 739-6646.