Transform Your Landscape in 3 Easy Steps

Are you completely happy with your current landscaping? Or, are there things you’d like to change, improve or upgrade? When you start thinking about it, especially as spring starts to make its presence known, what stops you from moving forward?

Do you think your yard and property isn’t the right size, shape or style to ever be made over into something more elegant? Are you concerned about the time, stress, and inconvenience? Or do you feel your budget simply doesn’t allow you to do any of the things you’d like to do?

Regardless of your circumstance, or how you think your circumstances are prohibitive to getting the landscape of your dreams, you do have options. There is a pathway to a renovated landscape that will impress you and all who see it.

Your pathway to transforming your landscape begins by taking these 3 steps.

Assess and confirm the budget you have to work with. You can get an appealing pleasing impressive landscape in a variety of ways based upon a range of budgets. But it’s imperative that you clearly determine the specific budget you have to work with.  You don’t have to rob from one category in order to fund your landscaping budget. Be realistic and practical as you arrive at the amount of money you have to allocate towards your complete landscaping renovation.

Keep in mind, as you’ll see below, your landscaping budget will include consultations with the landscaper you choose (which initially are typically free of charge) and a resulting design proposal. Then, of course, there will be charges for the materials, supplies, and labor involved in your design.

Explore all possible styles of landscapes before making your final decision. And always use your budget as your guide to all decisions – from including a patio, other hardscapes, or a garden to the types and quantity of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers you’ll be adding.

There are many designs and design styles to choose from – sometimes these re-referred to a casual or relaxed and elegant and formal. You may want a mix of both. Do you want a mainstream theme or pattern or are you leaning toward a more eclectic design? Research as many different designs online and look at as many photos as possible to see the variety of options you have at your disposal – all within your budget of course.

Collaborate with a landscape designer to develop a proposal. Once you have confirmed your budget and done your diligence as far as having a grasp of what you want that you can also afford, schedule a consultation with a veteran, experienced landscape designer. This professional can create a visual design of your outdoor living space with the landscape elements and aspects you have selected and would like to incorporate.

Maintain communication with your landscape professionals through each phase of the project. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right landscaping company based upon the frequency and usefulness of your ongoing communication with them before, during, and after the job is finished.

For More Information on Transforming Your Landscape

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