Top Landscape Design Trends to Watch Out This Fall

An immaculately curated landscape adds substance to both commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, a good landscape design makes the most of the available outdoor space. This basic rule is still followed in the construction of every landscape. However, with time, new characteristics are being added to the details of the landscape. Every year see new landscape trends are observed in the market. Fall is upon us, so it will be apt to discuss the landscape trends for the ongoing season and upcoming winters.

Installation of Fire Fixtures

Fire pits are getting increasingly popular for residential landscapes. Because of the warmth radiated from fire pits, their installation in landscapes has become a highly demanded work for contractors during fall. Many homeowners also prefer to merge the natural elements of water and fire in the landscape with the installation of an artificial waterfall and fire pit in close vicinity. As home automation is becoming a prevalent feature, landscape fire pits also come with automatic settings that can be controlled with a smartphone or a dedicated remote device.

Installation of Fall Planting

Fall is usually characterized by naked trees and deserted plantation. However, botanists have introduced commercial sector with some plant species that can maintain their radiance and color during fall and winters. Some classic fall plant species such as maples, boxwood, and chrysanthemums have been engineered to endure harsh conditions of fall and winter. Homeowners are also going with fall planting for landscapes. When general surroundings get devoid of lush green sight, it is indeed refreshing to be welcomed by a landscape full of active shrubbery.

Illuminating the Space

The aesthetic appeal of any landscape is only exhibited in the light. Therefore, it is important to well-illuminate the space so that each and every artistic feature can also be appreciated during nighttime. Therefore, landscaping contractors are expecting increased demand for lighting fixtures purpose-built for illuminating landscapes.

Demand for Natural-Looking Material

Hardscape material has experienced tremendous innovation in the last couple of years. Now, contractors are available with materials that are cost-effective, low maintenance, and also able to exhibit natural look. For instance, newly-built porcelain tiles can mimic the appearance of natural stones and timber and can be installed in a significantly lower price. In addition, they are developed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Homeowners will most probably go for such low maintenance and authentic-looking hardscape material for their landscapes this fall.

Shifting to Indoor Landscapes

People tend to spend less time outdoors during fall and winters. This tendency is also reflected in their landscaping preferences during fall.  Contractors have observed a brewing seasonal trend of homeowners to focus on the landscaping of the interior, which is also called interiorscape.
Usually, courtyards are used to create interiorscape. The focal point of an interior landscape is generally created with container gardens.

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