Top Commercial and Residential Landscape Trends

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) furnishes the list of hot commercial and residential landscaping trends for every year. The association also predicts trends for upcoming years in connection with landscape design, planning, and maintenance. For the ongoing year, NALP has predicted these trends to become prevalent for commercial landscaping works.

Untried landscape design

As per the NALP’s suggestion, commercial and residential landscaping works are seeing new, experimental and untried trends to integrate wide-ranging functionality for an enhanced outdoor experience. For instance, commercial landscapes are now decked with bike paths, dining areas, and vegetation spaces to provide a quality outdoor experience to workers.

On the other hand, residential landscaping designs are also getting all-embracing in nature and put up cooking, dining, and recreational spaces in place. Audio-video systems and outdoor lights have also become integral features of contemporary residential landscapes.

Climate-sensitive landscaping

Climate change, particularly global warming, has paved a path for extreme weather conditions all through the year. In order to make outdoor spaces tolerant to rough weather conditions and to protect their utility all year round, people now prefer climate-sensitive designs and features for both commercial and residential landscapes.

For instance, people now go with pergolas with retractable canopies for protecting landscape features from strong winds, downpours, and heavy snowfall. In addition, outdoor furnaces are also becoming popular for making landscape comfortable during chilly winter nights. Also, more people now prefer to have their landscape and patio surfaces built from sturdier hardscape material.

Landscaping designs centered on water conservation

Climate change is also resulting in the scarcity of fresh water. In the last couple of years, people have become more aware of the issue. Therefore, water conservation has become a leading landscaping design feature for this year. Home and business owners now want to have organic landscapes designs that can be maintained by eco-friendly water practices.

Moreover, people are choosing the plant species for their landscapes that require less water. Similarly, smart irrigation systems such as drip irrigation are also becoming more popular in landscaping designs this year.

Colors are back in business

Last year was more about the minimalistic exhibition of the vegetation of landscapes. But this year, vibrant and colorful displays have made their way back into the game. Ultraviolet has been named as the color of the year, which has also worked for the reemergence of the trend. For that matter, colorful, patterned and full of shrubbery botanical species have become an in-demand element for landscapes.

Eco-friendly landscape maintenance equipment

NALP has also noted that more people are purchasing eco-friendly landscape maintenance equipment. For example, the market of battery-powered, no-emission lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other related equipment have seen a huge uptick this year.

The trend report has also noted that landscaping experts have also incorporated more technology into their work. The use of drones, 3D modeling and mobile apps for landscape planning is becoming more common among contractors.

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