The Three Essentials of Elegant Commercial Landscaping in Oakland County, Michigan

The beautiful landscaping in Oakland County Michigan accentuates the value, image, and effect of both residential and commercial properties. But, beautiful landscaping of Oakland County commercial property serves a purpose beyond aesthetic appeal. In addition to ensuring the exterior of the building itself and its hardscaping are attractive, commercial property owners know that their landscaping in Oakland County must also follow suit. It should complement the quality and beauty of these other features.

In other words, landscaping cannot be overlooked or discounted as an important aspect of a business’ image.

Oakland County commercial property owners who accept the vital role landscaping services are as important as their parking lot and walkways. Customers, employees, and prospective customers assess a company and the business or products it provides by the way it looks from the outside. If the building, property, or landscaping is run down and disregarded, people naturally assume that is how they will be treated as well.

Oakland County business and commercial property owners who hold professional landscaping in high regard realize its value year after year. And they demonstrate their appreciation for quality landscaping services by working with Oakland County professional landscape designers.  Business and commercial property owners have specializations that are usually outside of the realm of landscaping.  This means they rely on professionals for design concepts, ideas, and feasibility.

When working with a professional Oakland County landscape designer, here are the 3 essentials that must be incorporated in your landscape design.

Suitable for seasonal climates. In Oakland County, Michigan there are four distinct seasons – each with its own weather patterns and threatening conditions. Landscape designers must be created with these seasons in mind. Like all outdoor spaces, landscaping needs to be easy to maintain as well as keep tidy and clean. Winter storms, for example, can be very destructive – the landscaping should be able to accommodate them and endure them.

Commercial property in Oakland County needs to have a space and area for pile u snow so it can be efficiently removed from parking lots and walkways as it accumulates. This is to protect people from entering and leaving the building and parking lots.   In fall, leaves need to be taken care of and in spring and summer, the lawn needs to be mowed. The entire landscape design needs to address each season’s issues.

The Surrounding Elements’ Functionality. This refers to how well the landscape is designed in light of the elements that are included in and around the Oakland County commercial property. These elements include things like a retaining wall, a special walkway or even benches for people to sit on, relax and take in the beauty of the nature inherent in the landscaped property.

Image Projection. It is important that your landscaping is designed in such a way to reflect your company’s identity, values, and image. When you work with a professional landscape designer in Oakland County you will be asked questions along the lines of what your business provides and the profile of your customers. Your landscaping can then be designed in accordance with what and how you project your image onto your employees and customers.

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