Things to Consider When Creating an Outdoor Living Space

If you live in an area where the weather conditions are favorable for spending time in the outdoors, then it is a good idea to add an exterior living space. An outdoor living space in the form of a terrace or an outdoor kitchen can allow you to relax and hold fun gatherings at your place. It also increases the resale value of your property.

Here are some things that you need to consider before adding an outdoor living space.

What Do You Need The Space For?

The first thing that you need to consider before adding an exterior living space is the purpose that you need it for. If you need an outdoor living space for watching movies and sports, then arrange a television set and make the seating comfortable. If you want it to be a spot for mealtimes, add a big table and also install a small outdoor kitchen. If you want your space for dinner and lunch parties, then make the seating more comfortable and add a shade to protect yourself and the rest of the people from direct exposure to the sun.

What Changes You Need to Make

Now that you have thought about the purpose for the exterior living space, you need to make some changes. These are multiple reasons why these changes need to be made. If you live in a perpetually windy area, you need to install the proper shelter to keep the wind for bothering you. Similarly, if you have neighbors who constantly peep into your house, you should consider getting a fence installed in the surroundings. Drainage is also a problem that can affect your outdoor living space. To deal with drainage, cover your ground with pavers or artificial grass.

Plan Your Utilities

Once you have decided the purpose for your exterior living space, do not forget to plan your utilities accordingly. Planning what utilities you need in the initial stages can prove helpful and save time in the long run. Let’s suppose you need the outdoor living space for barbeques. In order to have barbeques, you need to buy a grill and arrange a gas supply to ignite the fire. In order to provide the area with a more inviting feel, add water features, lights, and a sound system.

Do You Need a Designer?

By now, you must have realized that making an outdoor living space can be a challenging experience. It requires a great deal of planning along with effective implementation of those plans. To answer the question in the heading; yes you need a designer. A professional landscaper or a designer possesses the ability to analyze your space. He/she will also provide you with valuable suggestions on how to go about designing your exterior living space.

If you plan to add an exterior living space to your home, make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind.  Contact Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape now to discuss adding an outdoor living space to your home this spring. We can be reached at (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600.  We look forward to hearing from you!