Stop Weeds Before They Invade Your Lawn with Pre-Emergent Herbicide 

Spring is starting to show that its’ on its way. And, all of the grand aspects of spring – warm sun, longer days, balmy breezes, and flowers – bring with it a couple bothersome features. One of the most inevitable, frustrating of the features is weeds. They are unavailable. Regardless of the size, type or style of your garden, it will get some weeds. Well. At least that’s how it used to be.

Today, at last, there is a process and product that you can apply that will prevent weeds from showing up in your yard and garden. Sound unbelievable? It isn’t!

What is pre-emergent herbicide?

Also referred to as pre-emergent fertilization, the pre-emergent herbicide is a barrier creating a product that is simple to use and quite easy to get. Developed specifically to stop weeds before they germinate, you apply it very early in the growing season – far in advance of when weeds typically are given plenty of opportunities to grow. The barriers that pre-emergent fertilization, i.e., pre-emergent herbicide, create are on top of your soil. This is how weeds are preempted from germinating. However, the good news is that this product doesn’t kill seeds. But this does mean you have to apply it each year.

What are pre-emergent fertilization’s advantages?

You dot’ have to work as hard as you have always done in the past. Think about the back-breaking effort you’ve put into your yard and garden each spring as you pulled out weed after they have already developed. Furthermore, reflect upon the work involved in getting completely rid of the plant. Now, envision yourself not having to do any of that physical drudgery. It’s a pretty nice picture, isn’t it?

Take this a bit further and consider the really tough stuff like crabgrass, which is really difficult to kill or prevent. All gardeners despise crabgrass; it grows and seems to reproduce at a frustratingly accelerated pace. But if you apply pre-emergent fertilization (pre-emergent herbicide) before mid-March you’ll be able to rid your lawn and garden from bothersome stuff like crabgrass and other summer weeds. Basically, they come to life once the temperature exceeds s50 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you get the most from pre-emergent herbicide?

It’s very important that you time your applications accurately. As mentioned above, if you apply it by mid-March, you’re getting a jump on crabgrass and various other summer weeds. IN addition, mid-September is another key time to track and hit. If you also apply pre-emergent fertilization in mid-September, you’re preparing your garden in advance for a lengthy growing and blooming season.

Dot’ neglect to water the area right after y9ou have applied the pre-emergent fertilization. Watering will make the barrier even stronger. It’s a real bonus if you know when your problem weeds germinate; then you can apply this a week or so before that date.

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