Shelby Twp. Landscaper Provides Driveway Design Ideas

A driveway is a standard hardscape feature in almost every home. But there is no reason why your driveway has to be a boring concrete slab simply serving as a utilitarian structure.

Keep reading for ideas on how to transform your driveway into a structure that is anything but ordinary.

Use Brick Pavers Instead of Concrete

Concrete is a common material used in driveways and it certainly serves its purpose. But did you know there are other durable materials available that offer more flexibility in design, such as brick pavers?

Brick pavers are just as durable as concrete and in fact, may require less maintenance. For example, a cracked concrete driveway often requires a complete driveway replacement, or at least a significant section of the driveway will need to be torn out and replaced. With brick pavers, if there is a section that becomes cracked or damaged, typically the repair will only involve replacing a few paver stones.

Additionally, paver stones open up the door to almost an unlimited amount of design options. There are multiple colors to choose from as well as various patterns in which the brick can be laid. You can add even more visual interest by choosing one color or pattern for the inner portion of the driveway, and then add a decorative border with either another color or pattern of brick pavers.

Install Landscaping to Add Curb Appeal

Nothing brings a hardscape structure to life better than landscape features installed by a professional landscape company.

If you have a circular driveway, this layout provides the perfect opportunity for landscape design. In the center of the driveway, you can install plants, trees, flowers and even pottery that resembles an island structure.

If your driveway is straight and does not have the room for the same focal point as a circular drive, there are still plenty of landscape design ideas.

Try planting beds of colorful annuals along the sides of your driveway or add privacy with neatly trimmed hedges bordering your driveway.

When choosing the best plants border your driveway there are several  considerations, such as light exposure, drainage and soil type. It is also important to consider safety. Remember that oncoming traffic must be clearly visible at the end of your driveway. So before choosing your landscape, determine how high the plants will grow and then test the height by placing an object of the same height at the end of the drive. If this object does not block your view while entering or exiting the driveway, then those plantings will work well. For best results, consult with a professional landscaper as they will have the knowledge and experience to suggest the best landscape features.

I am Looking for a Shelby Twp. Landscaper to Enhance my Driveway!

If you are in need of a professional landscape company to either install a brick paver driveway or add attractive landscaping to your existing driveway, look no further than Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape.

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