Romeo Landscaping Company Discusses 6 Common Mistakes

A beautiful landscape is available to anyone, no matter the size or grandeur of their yard. You can design the landscaping at your own home, but there are some pitfalls you should be aware of in order to achieve the best results and maximum satisfaction.

If you’re a beginner landscaper, follow this list of the most common mistakes you can avoid for the highest enjoyment of your yard:

1.    Not Working with What You Have

Does your yard contain a lot of rocks or shade? Is it on a slope? Or does your yard never survive the intense heat of the summer sun? Sometimes, all it takes is installing a retaining wall for slopes to fight erosion and water damage. Other times, you just can’t fight the situation that you have and you need to just go with it. The trick is knowing what you’re up against and what options you have. A professional landscape designer can help you with this.

2.    “But Everyone Has a Lawn”

Just because other homeowners may think that a grassy area means it is designated as the lawn, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. It is not a landscaping rule. Mowing the lawn is not something everyone likes to do, and it’s okay if not everyone enjoys the perfect “green carpet” look. You are allowed to consider other options. Maybe transforming your lawn into a perennial flower bed is something you’ve been thinking about. Go for it!

3.    Not Enough Attention to Fall Color

Spring and summer are the two seasons when homeowners typically think about landscaping the most. However, many are simply overlooking the potential of the beautiful fall colors. The fall season offers an enormous amount of opportunities for landscaping enthusiasts to play with foliage.

4.    Leaving Winter in the Cold

Yes, that is an intended pun. Many homeowners completely forget about winter in terms of landscaping. Yet, this is the time when we need some landscape interest the most to cheer us up! Winter doesn’t have to be all drab and colorless. There are many trees and shrubs you can plant that thrive in cold weather and offer some color.

5.    Not Irrigating Your Yard

Many people like to vacation during the summer when school is out and the activities are endless. But at the same time, they also want a beautiful garden to enjoy when they are home. So the dilemma presents itself: how will the plants be watered when I’m away? Installing an irrigation system is the answer to your problems. Not only is it automated so you don’t even have to think about, but it helps to protect your investment and the sentimental value of your landscaping.

6.    Planting on a Slope

You have put so much time and energy into your landscaping, so why would you want to risk it being ruined when the hillside you planted on erodes? If you have a steep slope in your yard, you don’t necessarily need to avoid planting there at all costs, you just need to fix the erosion problem first. Installing a retaining wall can do the trick.

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