Essential Features of a Great Outdoor Kitchen in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Outdoor Living Space Kitchen - Rochester Hills, MIBuilding outdoor kitchens is one of the most popular services that our Rochester Hills clients request. Outdoor kitchens are a great feature for the homeowner  in Rochester Hills who loves to spend their summers outdoors or loves to entertain. An outdoor kitchen allows you to spend time with your guests while cooking a great meal, and not being stuck indoors. We have had clients ask for all sorts of unique and sometimes unusual features for their outdoor kitchens, but these are the features that we think are the most important, and recommend for all of our landscape and hardscape clients.

A Quality Building Material

The most important part of creating a long-lasting and beautiful, custom outdoor kitchen is to start with the basics. If your outdoor kitchen isn’t built with the best materials and by professionals who know how to install them correctly, chances are good that your outdoor kitchen won’t last very long. When we install an outdoor kitchen for our clients we recommend brick or natural stone for the base construction material. From there, you can add other materials such as decorative metal, stone or wood. However, getting the best base materials means that your outdoor kitchen should stand the test of time.

Quality Appliances

This seems like a strange thing to suggest for an outdoor kitchen, but it can mean the difference between easy cooking and a kitchen that you just don’t want to use. Most outdoor kitchens include a cook-top, grill (or a combination of the two) and a fridge. Because outdoor kitchens have become so popular in recent years, many of the major appliance manufacturers have a line of appliances specific for outdoor use. They are heavy duty, and are meant to stand up to the elements. We recommend that our clients select their appliances before we design their outdoor kitchen so we can incorporate them into the design.

Good Plumbing and Electrical

This is where lots of DIYers fail with their outdoor kitchen. Electrical and plumbing, depending on the installation, can make or break your outdoor kitchen. It’s a shame when poor plumbing damages expensive appliances or causes damage to your kitchen structure. Even scarier, is the risk of electrical fires or natural gas leakage. When we install your outdoor kitchen, we make sure that the plumbing, gas lines and electrical are installed correctly and up to code. This can also mean helping you install the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen so that you can spend as much time as possible, enjoying your outdoor space.

The Fun Stuff

Once you have the basics covered, it’s time to think about the fun stuff. Depending on what is important to you, this could mean just about anything. Some of the features that are popular with our clients in Rochester Hills include keg or wine fridges, wet bars, entertainment systems, pizza ovens and smokers. These added extras make your outdoor kitchen uniquely yours. They are the fun things that you enjoy and the parts that make our job of helping you design the perfect outdoor kitchen a great experience.

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