Backyard Wood Fireplace or Pizza Oven in Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills, MI Fireplace, Pizza Oven, Outdoor Living SpaceOne of the outdoor features that more and more of our Rochester Hills, MI clients are asking for in their outdoor living space, is a wood fireplace or pizza oven. Pizza has been cooked in wood fired ovens for hundreds and hundreds of years, and many people think that the best pizza must be wood fired. If you are working with us to design a jaw dropping, feature-filled outdoor living space, and want that one feature that will set your backyard apart from your neighbors, you need a wood fireplace and/or pizza oven. Here’s some considerations you need to know before you add a wood fired oven to your outdoor space.

A Different Material

When we install a wood fireplace and pizza oven in your outdoor living space in Rochester Hills, its important that you realize that we cannot use the same stone or pavers that we would use for the rest of your features. Wood fireplaces and pizza ovens get incredibly hot, and need to stand up to extremely high temperatures. We’re talking 800 to 1000 degrees. The brick pavers that we use in constructing your hardscape or that are used in the construction of your home cannot withstand this kind of heat, and would explode under this high heat. When we construct a wood fireplace or pizza oven, we use special bricks that are rated for this higher temperature.

Location, Location, Location

It’s likely that you aren’t going to want to move your wood fireplace or pizza oven, once it’s installed, so finding the right location the first time is essential for having a successful wood fireplace or brick pizza oven. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • These structures are really heavy, and with the weight of wood, become even heavier. When you are working with us to design your outdoor living space, we will suggest a solid base for your new pizza oven, which means we may recommend that it be constructed on solid ground, instead of incorporating it into your patio surface. Any shifting can topple your pizza oven.
  • High heat can damage your home, and you will be cooking with fire. Your new wood fireplace or pizza oven should be installed away from other structures, to reduce the risk of unintentional fire.

Know the Rules

When you are considering a feature for your outdoor living space that is wood burning, you first need to ensure that wood burning features are allowed in your area. Some of our area municipalities do not allow for structures in landscapes that are wood burning. And this rule is also true for many HOAs. If your home is in one of these municipalities or HOAs, we can easily create a fireplace or pizza oven that is gas fired, if we know during the design phase. However, if gas must be installed after the fact, you may end up paying more for your wood fireplace or pizza oven than you had planned.

For a Free Quote on a Wood Fireplace, Pizza Oven or an Outdoor Living Space

A wood fireplace or pizza oven is a great feature for your outdoor living space in Rochester Hills, especially for the family who wants to create tasty, traditional style pizza on a regular basis. Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape can help you build the perfect wood fireplace or pizza oven, whether you want to add it to an existing outdoor space, or you’re planning the outdoor living space of your dreams. Our summer schedule is filling up fast, so if you’re ready for a backyard upgrade, call us at (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600 to schedule a consultation.  Or, fill out our contact form to request a quote on your outdoor living space.