Richmond Landscaper Discusses Drainage Problems on Commercial Properties

//Richmond Landscaper Discusses Drainage Problems on Commercial Properties

Richmond Landscaper Discusses Drainage Problems on Commercial Properties

Drainage problems on commercial properties can cause huge issues for the Southeast Michigan property owner, residents or customers that visit a property. Resolving drainage issues can eliminate the need for future repairs to structures, the replacement of landscaping features, and the need for extensive pest control programs. A Richmond landscaper suggests that a properly drained property is easier to maintain and keep looking the best possible.

Problems Caused by Poor Drainage

For a property owner, the smallest problem caused by poor drainage may be the need for insect pest control. Mosquitos love wet, swampy areas that may be created by poor drainage in your property. If you have residents or regular customers that use your outdoor space, this can be an annoyance.

Your Richmond landscape service is, most likely, not going to be happy if your property has drainage issues. Poor drainage can be tricky to mow around. It can cause lawn health issues. And, it can make it difficult to keep flower beds in good condition. Mowers sinking in swampy lawns can cause damage to mowing equipment and will leave ruts in your grass, eventually leading to the replacement of the lawn.

On a more serious note, poor drainage can cause substantial damage to structures. Water that pools next to foundations can cause settling, cracking and mold issues. All of these problems are costly to repair, and can make a structure unsafe.

Resolving Drainage Issues

Poor drainage remedies can be very simple or very complex. Depending on the cause and location of your drainage problem, more than one remedy may be required to resolve the issue and fix any damage caused by standing water.

Swales – Drainage swales are a relatively simple fix for drainage issues. Swales are simple ditches that are dug to direct water away from the problem area. A swale or small ditch can be landscaped attractively to add interest to your property. Swales can also be added to parking lots and driveways to help with drainage issues in these areas.

French Drains – French drains are a system of perforated pipes that are placed in trenches to drain water away from your property. They are a more complex fix than simple swales or ditches as they require trenching, piping and significant planning. A French drain is often placed around the perimeter of the building with the outlet facing away from the building on a downward slope. Ideally, French drains are added during construction, as a way of minimizing drainage issues. However, they can be added later if necessary.

Regrading – Regrading an area is sometimes your only solution for resolving a drainage issue. While regrading can be the simplest and most effective way of solving a drainage problem, it is also the most destructive and often the most expensive. Regrading involves removing existing landscaping and reworking the soil underneath so that it drains into an appropriate area. It can be a parking lot storm drain, a drainage ditch, or a storm water detention structure.

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Resolving drainage issues can solve costly problems caused by standing water. Proper drainage on your property can protect your buildings from extensive damage. Your landscape will continue looking great. If you have drainage problems, contact Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape, a Richmond Landscaper, today and our experts will help you find the best solution for your drainage issues.  We can be reached at (586) 739.6646 or (248) 650.3600.