Summers and the heat are generally getting more intense every year. Heat waves are no longer anomalies but frequent occurrences across many countries.

Climate change, in short, has begun to readily and visibly show its teeth. What this means for people with big lawns and gardens is that they need proper summer lawn care and procedures to ensure their lawns stay alive and fresh.

To pull off summer lawn care properly, you need to go back to the essentials of lawn maintenance and carry them out with much more thorough and researched procedures. Here we will show the steps to carry out summer lawn care. Follow these steps to make sure your garden stays fresh and lively even during the hottest summers.

1.     Watering

Perhaps, the single biggest misconception people have about lawn care is about the amount and frequency with which they should water their plants and lawns. A popular belief is that you should water your lawn and plants multiple times a week, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, this is far from the right watering technique.

Overwatering your plants and grass overloads the soil and lawn’s natural ability to soak and absorb water. This means that the bottom layers of the soil get dry and barren while the top part becomes a gooey mess.

Instead, you should water less – at most, two times a week. However, you should water for a longer period. This will allow deeper penetration of the water into the ground and allow the soil and grass to absorb it at their natural pace.

2.     Aeration

Aeration of your lawn refers to taking a rake or a stick and going to town on your lawn. This might sound counter-intuitive to proper summer lawn care but is actually essential to ensure a properly healthy lawn.

Using the rake or stick, you should poke and stick the land 2-3 inches deep. This creates pathways and routes for air and other atmospheric gases to seep into the soil. This is essential for the health of the soil and the organisms residing within.

3.     Lawn Mowing

This is another aspect of lawn care and maintenance that many people seem to get wrong. You will often find people mowing and cutting lawns very close to the ground until there is hardly any grass left.

This is highly counter-intuitive to maintaining a proper lawn because it essentially removes all of the growing grass. It exposes the bottom-most layer of the grass and leaves the ground to bear the full brunt of the sun. This will lead to cracking and burning much more quickly since grass takes time to grow from such a stage. Furthermore, don’t waste and throw away those grass cuttings. Instead, allow them to remain on the lawn to serve as fertilizer.


As we can see, proper summer lawn care does not require monumental back-breaking effort or some expensive equipment. All it needs is the re-examination of the basics and to apply them consistently and diligently.