Why Are Pavers the Best Material for Outdoor Projects?

There is a tremendous amount of thought, research, and planning that has to be invested in any outdoor living space project. Regardless of whether it’s a gazebo, a retaining wall, a driveway or an outdoor fire pit, as a homeowner you first have to do your diligence. Then, you have to continue that diligence as you collaborate with the professional paver company you choose to work with.

And, if you’ve been involved in such a project or if you’re in the midst of it, you will agree that of all the choices you need to explore and make, deciding on the materials you will use is at the top of this list.

With so many materials options, where do you begin?

Choosing the right materials is a critically important step in the process of any outdoor living space project.  You’ll have many options and it is prudent to at least know your options. By taking a closer look at each, it typically becomes very apparent why pavers rise to the first-choice spot.

What are your options and how do pavers stack up against each one?

Flagstone is an option that at first glance ay appears to be the best one. They are known to be durable and quite beautiful. Flagstone isn’t easy to repair and can be quite costly. If your project involves existing flagstone, some professionals will advocate removing all of it thoroughly before launching your new project. Furthermore, flagstone lacks the density of pavers and are intentionally designed for life span of no more than ten years. Pavers, on the other hand, are of the greatest density and provide a lifetime of longevity and durability.

Stamped concrete, like flagstone, is initially attractive and eye appealing. With wide-ranging applications, stamped concrete offers opportunities for limited customization and lends a charming natural element to your projects. But pavers outweigh the advantages that stamped concrete seems to provide.

For example. if you desire more aggressive, noticeable customization, you will be limited by choices in color if you go with stamped concrete. In addition, these materials can be tricky to maintain. Cracks in concrete are excruciating and costly to repair. Even maintaining stamped concrete is quite costly.

Although stamped concrete seems to be a popular option for fire pits and fireplaces, pavers offer more durability, beauty, and range of color choices. For those reasons, paving stones are recommended over stamped concrete.

Asphalt is becoming a go-to choice when it comes to driveways. This is because asphalt is less expensive and reasonably durable. But, being rigid, asphalt bends and cracks quite easily when the earth shifts. Also, asphalt will mitigate curb appeal and negates any possibility of customizing.

Interlocking paving stones counter each of the negative issues that asphalt prompts. They hold up in all sorts of climates and will retain their brand-new condition for decades.  And, if that isn’t enough, interlocking paving stones for driveways will give your entire home and property distinctive and valuable curb appeal.

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