5 Modern Ways to Add Lighting to Your Deck and Patio

Once you have a deck and patio installed, you understandably want to make the most of them. Many Sterling Heights homeowners find that traditional lighting options are often not enough for them to enjoy their outdoor spaces all year round or that the fixtures themselves do not compliment the modern surroundings you’ve put effort into creating. Fortunately, in recent years due to an industry boom many new lighting products have appeared on the market.

Check out the ideas and solutions below, to ensure your spaces stay bright while matching with your personal style.

Create a Cozy Deck with Outdoor Lighting

If one light is not enough to brighten your deck, then you could put as many traditional light bulbs as you can into the space. This might not be a new product, but it does create a cozy feel when night comes. Who says that feeling has to stop once you’re outdoors? Another positive is that the bulbs will be easy to alter and maintain over time.

Contemporary LED Lighting

Mood lighting isn’t just something for clubs or spas anymore. Popular LED lighting can transform your backyard. So whatever color you fancy when you step outdoors can appear before your eyes, allowing you to create an atmosphere that is more inviting with warmer hues or cooler with darker or neutral options. This lighting is professional grade and far more sophisticated in tone that the smaller, standard LED lights that most people are familiar with.

Low Level Lighting for a Detached Patio or Deck

Often the best lighting for your deck and patio is going to be subtle. Sitting out on your deck or around a patio table at night is something we’d all like to do more of. But when the night gets darker, it can be difficult to find lighting that is going to illuminate the area without detracting from the beauty of the night’s sky. Low level lighting is minimally invasive to your outdoor space while offering you the ambience you desire. A low level area is easy to create in your backyard and a project like this would be completely customizable so you can truly make it your own.

Illuminate Your Deck Rails

This innovative lighting solution allows you to have all the light you need without interfering with the functionality of your space. As your deck and patio are often only appreciated during the day time, this gives you a great option to get more outdoor time when the sun sets. This outdoor lighting also helps showcase the design aspects of your deck, plants, and it turns the rails themselves into a feature.

A Stairway to Lights

Another effective lighting idea for a patio or deck is using simple LED lighting in the stairs that lead to and from your outside area. Making them a more functional feature allows them to blend in and be used under couches, benches, and around an enclosed fire pit or bar. Stair lights also, most importantly, improve the safety of your outdoor space by illuminating the path for guests to step on. As standard LED lights make a light glow, accentuate your space with bolder colored flowers around the edges of the staircase or behind any seating areas to create a wonderful display.

Make the Most of Your Sterling Heights Landscape Design Project with Outdoor Lighting

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