Outdoor Kitchens Advantages and Considerations

Who doesn’t love outdoor cookouts? No matter where you live, or what you like to eat, outdoor cookouts are a fundamental part of a homeowner’s lifestyle. If you agree, then installing an outdoor kitchen is worth some consideration.

Cooking outdoors makes the entire culinary experience more fun, rewarding, and creative. No longer limited to barbeque grilling recipes, with an outdoor kitchen your menu is limited only by your imagination, sense of adventure and preference.

Even if it’s just you and your family, once you move the cooking process outside, it starts feeling like a holiday. And, this is an experience you’ll naturally want to share with more people. In fact, once you have an outdoor kitchen, you’ll likely find yourself entertaining more and enjoying it more when you do.

Think about your current outdoor living space. No matter how large or small your yard or patio, when you install an outdoor kitchen, you’ve just increased and enhanced your outdoor living space.  From elevated style to increased property value, an outdoor kitchen is an added and feature and benefit to any home.

But before you proceed with installing an outdoor kitchen, here are 3 things you’ll need to consider. 

Ambiance and Practicality    

There should be distinctive areas of your outdoor kitchen – one for relaxing, one for entertaining, and one for eating. They should be separate but all within close proximity of the cook. If the cook is isolated from the guests, one of the best features of an outdoor kitchen – socializing while cooking – is lost.

Furthermore, make sure you have heat resistant, weatherproofed, very durable materials. For your furniture, it’s recommended to have redwood, teak, or cedar. For your countertops go with stone and concrete and for your appliances, stainless steel is a great choice.

Electrical Effects

The right lighting can make or break your outdoor kitchen – in safety, appearance, and functionality. You can adjust the mood with lighting while also spotlighting the best features of your surrounding lawn and property. Everything is better outdoors with the right lighting and the right view.

Position and Logistics

Remember to install your outdoor kitchen close to your home. While it’s always important to save steps whenever you can, the closer your outdoor kitchen is to your house, the easier it will e to access utility lines. The actually grilling area should be in view form other rooms but closer to your indoor kitchen. Carrying trays of food and table settings and other things needed for a good meal is easier when you don’t have to walk too far.  After all, the whole purpose of your outdoor kitchen is to add more fun and enjoyment to your days at home. Adding extra work and inconveniences will defeat its purpose. So always think in terms of ease when planning any aspect of your outdoor kitchen.