Metro-Detroit Winter Landscape Design

When you are planning a landscape design, you must keep the winter conditions in minds. Now that winter is upon us, having a wide landscape will allow you to manage the snow and navigate the snow plow easier.

While designing your landscape, it is very easy to get lost in the moment and forget about the future. But if you think about all these things beforehand, you can save your energy, time, and money on snow management. A good landscape winter design will not only look good but will also be convenient for you.

Following are some helpful tips for designing a winter landscape:

The Wider, the Better

If you live in an area with harsh snowy winters, then your landscape should be wide. In fact, the wider the landscape design, the better it will be for you in winters. It will very difficult for you to manage snow if the landscape is not big enough for the snow plow to get in and maneuver.

A Place for the Snow

A lot of people don’t judge the space well and put their driveway right along the landscape. Wrong move!

You need a place for the snow plow to store the snow after it is removed from your landscape. Make sure that there is at least 4 to 5-foot space for snow storage.


The winter landscape should be designed in a way that allows maximum visibility. When the snow covers everything, it could be hard for your hired crew to manage the snow and locate the miniature plants. Make sure that the visibility is not compromised.

Even Surface

While preparing for the winters, make sure that your landscape is perfectly even and there are no tripping hazards. Show shoveling in uneven surfaces can cause the stones in the landscape to destabilize and that can cause accidents.

Gates and Light Fixtures

Light fixtures and a big fancy gate is everyone’s dream. But did you know that these things can get damaged if they are installed too close to the landscape? Yes, the snow plow can damage these installations and cost you money.

Material Selection

Living in a colder region, you must be careful while selecting materials for your landscape. You need to select material that will last a long time and will be safe.

Follow these tips while selecting materials when designing your winter landscape:

  • Choosing pavers for pathways is safe as they thaw quickly
  • Invest in a sealant with a grip if you are using materials like marble for the walkways, reducing chances of slipping
  • Cheaper wood can absorb water and become slippery and, hence, should be avoided

While designing your landscape, all you need to do is put in a little more attention so that it’s safe for winters. A winter-friendly landscape will allow you to enjoy the cold weather without the worries of accidents or injuries. Not to mention the fact that you will not be bothered by the constant worry of plowing the snow.

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