How Not to Landscape Your Yard: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Learning how not to landscape your yard is a good first step when just starting out in your landscaping journey. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned grass mower, you may have plenty of ideas of what you want to do, except sometimes its best to begin by doing the least harm possible.

Landscaping Mistake #1: Adding Plants Along the Foundation of Your Home

The reason why you should avoid installing plants along your home’s foundation is because they will quickly outgrow their space. Many foundation plants look great when you first plant them, but they quickly become a disappointment. You should first do a little research into finding out the dimensions of the mature plant to understand how much room it needs on all sides.

Landscaping Mistake #2: Using Ground Covers That Are Too Good

Ground covers do exactly what their name implies; they cover the ground and remain very low. They are used to cover ground in your landscaping that would otherwise be all weeds. It seems like a great idea to suppress the growth of annoying weeds so that you won’t have to painstakingly hand-pull them later on. But choosing a ground cover is a little more complex than just choosing one that looks pretty. Some do their job so well that they become invasive and hard to control. One example is English Ivy. Many homeowners have found that it tends to get out of hand very quickly. Make sure you are selecting a variety with the help from a landscape designer in Macomb County.

Landscaping  Mistake #3: Buying Just Any Mulch

Many homeowners assume that mulch is mulch and that it’s fine to just buy any type. But doing so can do an injustice to your landscape. For example, a mulch made out of pine needles may look nice but may get everywhere in your garden beds, ruining the look and giving you more work. Mulch made with a bunch of tiny stones may also be a bad choice for your yard. A good rule of thumb is to avoid using a mulch anywhere where you do not plan on keeping it. While it presents aesthetic issues, choosing the wrong mulch can also bring harm to your plants. You can contact your local landscape designer to learn which type of mulch your yard and plants need.

Landscaping  Mistake #4: Not Positioning Plants to Achieve the Best Possible Display

Instead of merely choosing the prettiest flowers, curate your plant list according to when and for how long they bloom, and position them to achieve a nice variety. This helps to prevent having a garden full of gorgeous flowers one season, and absolutely nothing the next. There’s also the matter of knowing when to group a few of the same plants together for a bigger impact, rather than planting one here and there. This aspect of landscaping is where a professional designer’s opinion might want to be taken. They will design a plan for your yard taking into account which plants to use, where to place them, how many to get of each, and how to balance them all together.

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