Making the Most of Your Hardscape Budget

//Making the Most of Your Hardscape Budget

Making the Most of Your Hardscape Budget

If you are getting ready to install a new paver hardscape for your home, you probably have set a budget of how much you can spend on your project. If planned right, you can get a lot of great features for your home’s outdoor living space, and new paver hardscape, without going over your budget. Many times, our southeast Michigan homeowners think that all of the great hardscape projects are for the customers that have lots of money. The reality is that most of the cool features that you might want in your new hardscape or outdoor living space can be accomplished on a tiny budget. Here’s some ways to make the most of your hardscape budget.

Have a Good Plan

Yes, this may mean that you have to hire a landscape designer. While it seems like an unnecessary expense, a landscape designer can help you create the right features for your space. The DIY plan can often cost you more money than you expect when features don’t work in your space the right way. A professional landscape designer knows how to make the ideas in your head work in your space the best way possible. A professional landscape designer will also know when to tell you that an idea won’t work. This can save you tons of money, and keep your new hardscape project within your set budget.

Know Your Materials

Can you get the look you want with materials that are less expensive? Yes, but you may not know what to look for if you are planning a DIY project. Landscaping experts know what materials are available on the market, and which can give you the look you want, and still fit in your budget. If you want the look of stone, but cannot afford real stone, your hardscape professional can tell you exactly the products that fit in your budget, that give you the ideal look, without the cost of stone. Working with a hardscape professional, you may find a product and look that you really like, that fits your budget perfectly, that you had never considered.

Go Faux

There are less expensive ways to construct features like cook stations, fireplaces and fire pits, without the expense. Solid paver construction looks great, but can be expensive, especially if you are using natural stone products. A good alternative that will look the same, but is less expensive is to use pavers as an outside cover, instead of the entire feature. We can use more budget friendly materials to create the internal structure of your cook station, fireplace or even retaining walls. Then we use pavers to “hide” the inside structure, using less material, but giving your hardscape or outdoor living space the same great look.

Be Willing to Compromise

The reality in some cases is that you may not be able to have what you want, with your budget. If you are determined to stick with a particular budget, you may have to compromise on the features or materials that you use in your hardscape or outdoor living space. Your hardscape professional has spent many years working in this industry and knows the cost realities. If you are willing to compromise, and work closely with your hardscape professional, your end result will be a beautiful outdoor space that fits perfectly in your budget.

Winter is the perfect time to start planning your new outdoor living space or hardscape. Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape has landscape professionals that can help you create the perfect space, no matter your budget. If you are in southeast Michigan and are ready for a backyard upgrade, call us today at (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600.