What makes brick paver driveways a great choice?

When homeowners have decided to update or upgrade their driveways, brick pavers are likely at the top of their lists. Not only do brick pavers highly elevate the appearance of your property, they add style, elegance, and personality to your entire home.

But there are other, equally important considerations you should know about to assure yourself you’ve made the right decision if you go with a brick paver driveway.

Brick paver driveways are renowned for the following 4 characteristics:

Strength and Durability

With the ability to handle a lot of weight – 1000s of pounds – and known to last for many, many years – decades – one of the best reasons to choose a brick paver driveway is for its strength and durability.

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but there’s additional pleasure and peace of mind in knowing that your brick paver driveway won’t need heavy maintenance. It will remain reliably resilient regardless of the extent and degree of activity it endures.

Ease of maintenance

Closely related to their strength and durability is how easy brick paver driveways are to maintain. With a mild soap and warm water, you can clean stains and marks. For particularly tough stains or marks, scrub them with a cleaner of a dry, granular type.

The only thing you want to be careful of is to make sure you tend to the stain or marks sooner rather than later.  But, if you clean the marks and stains as they appear, your brick paver driveway will last beautifully for a long, long time.

Weather resistance

Depending on where you live, you, your home and your driveway can be subjected to all sorts of extreme, brutal, relentless weather conditions, from blazing hot sun to freezing winter temperatures. This means that the type of material you have for your driveway is even more critical to its lifespan, appearance, and even your family’s safety.

Driveways crack and are known to buckle – unless, of course, you have a brick paver driveway. When you do, you’ll see after just one season how resilient and durable they are in the face of the harshest of weather conditions.

Creative versatility 

When it comes to choosing options for your driveway, the lesser of all evils isn’t on the table. Brick paver driveways offer a wide variety of options – in patterns, colors and texture. They allow you to get creative as well as practical when designing your new driveway.