Macomb Twp, MI: Kid Friendly Landscape Features

//Macomb Twp, MI: Kid Friendly Landscape Features

Kid Friendly Landscape Features in Macomb Twp, Michigan

If you have kids, you probably want to create an outdoor living space in Macomb Twp, MI that not only entertains you and your adult friends, but also has features that keeps the kids happy too. So often in outdoor living space designs, the adults get all of the cool features, while the kids are forgotten. This may mean that your landscape and outdoor living area, while great for the grown-ups, is not so fun for the kiddos. If you have kids and are planning a new landscape and outdoor living space for your Macomb Township home, here are some great features that will make you and your kids happy.

Gas Fire Pit

Everyone loves a fire pit. They are great places to hang out around, they make your outdoor living space usable for more of the year, and they can make s’mores! That’s right, s’mores! Kids love to make s’mores and cook around a campfire, so naturally a fire pit in your outdoor living space is a great feature for entertaining the adults and kids in your party. We like gas for family fire pits because the flame can be controlled, and you don’t have to worry about sparks and smoke around little ones. A gas fire pit may cost a bit more than a wood fire pit, but keeping your kids safe is worth the extra cost!

Splash Pad or Fountains

Splash pads or play fountains are a great alternative to adding a swimming pool to your outdoor space. If you don’t have the room for a pool, but your kids love to be in the water, a splash pad is a great alternative. These features can be built as extensions of your patio and they create a fun water feature that your kids can play in. Splash pads and play fountains can be set to shoot water randomly or in fun patterns creating a fun place to chase water and cool down. And, because we can build them using the same stone or brick pavers that you are already using in your outdoor living spaces, this feature will match the rest of your outdoor areas, and provide a non-slip surface for your kids to play.

Play Areas

Kids need a place to play, so creating some quality play areas in your landscape will keep your kids happy and your landscaping safe from kids tromping through plantings and jumping on retaining walls and other hardscape features. Including a jungle-gym, sand box, or other play features, discretely within your landscape design, gives your kids a place to play without having to figure out how to incorporate play areas as an afterthought. It’s also a good idea to make sure your landscape plan has good lawn areas for your kids to run and play in. These soft areas are great for games of tag and tumbling around. And they are soft and safe so injuries can be avoided. The great thing about planned play areas is that they can easily be converted back to landscape or other outdoor living features when your kids are grown up.

For More Information on Kid Friendly Landscape Features Near Macomb Township, Michigan

Your children are an important part of your family, so why wouldn’t you consider adding kid friendly features to your landscape and outdoor living space design? At Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape, we know how important your outdoor areas are for your whole family, so we are ready to help you design a landscape that is perfect for your family in Macomb Township, MI. If you are ready for a backyard upgrade, call us today to schedule a estimate for an Outdoor, Kid Friendly, Living Space or learn more about all of our landscaping maintenance and landscape design services.