Last Minute Fall Landscaping For Your Rochester Hills Yard

With fall upon us, many homeowners think that it’s too late to have their yards landscaped. The weathers cold, wet, and downright dreary at times. It gets dark earlier in the fall months. Many homeowners take that as a sign that they should let their landscaping slide and instead, stay inside where it’s warm.

The truth is, fall landscaping is not only beneficial, but it’s also necessary. If your Rochester Hills yard is in need of landscaping, this fall is the time to do it! Waiting for the next spring to have landscaping done can actually put you behind and affect the results that you have with planting.

Benefits of Fall Landscaping

There are several benefits to having your Rochester Hills yard landscaped this fall. The cooler weather that fall brings is actually a great time to plant for the coming spring. While the air is starting to getting cold, the soil remains warm for longer. Planting and starting landscaping in the fall can help many types of trees and shrubs survive better without the harsh heat of the spring and summer.

Many homeowners choose to have their yards landscaped in the fall to help prepare for the winter months, as well. There are several fall landscaping and maintenance tasks that help ensure that when winter hits, the harsh weather doesn’t kill your trees and plants. Fall landscaping not only gives your yard a beautiful appearance in the fall, but it also protects your yard in the winter.

Last Minute Landscaping Ideas

If you haven’t scheduled the fall landscaping for your Rochester Hills home yet, there’s still time to achieve all your fall landscaping goals. Here are a few last minute fall landscaping ideas for your yard:

  • Add natural stone to your landscaping. The fall is a great time to have natural stone added to your front yard. Since natural stone is a durable material, there’s little risk of it becoming damaged when the winter hits. Even in the winter months, natural stone can help create a beautiful look for your front yard.
  • Have your trees mulched. Not only does mulch create a clean and orderly look for your yard, but it also protects your trees and shrubs from harsh weather. Mulch acts like a natural insulator that helps keep the heat around the roots of your trees, acting much like a blanket. Having your trees mulched can ensure that your trees and shrubs survive the winter months.
  • Add landscape lighting. As the days get shorter, the fall months are the start of long hours of the night. Consider adding some lighting to your landscaping. Landscape lighting adds gentle light to your front yard that makes your home safe and welcoming. There are several different ways to add lighting to your landscaping, including adding brick paver lighting.

Don’t Let the Fall Months Slip By

Don’t let the fall months slip by without having your Rochester Hills yard landscaped. Having your yard landscaped this fall can protect your plants this winter and help you prepare for the upcoming winter. If your front yard needs to be landscaped, give Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape a call today!

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