Landscape Renovation – Features to Impress in Oakland Township, MI

Oakland Township Landscape Natural Stone Water FeatureIf you’ve lived in your Oakland Township home for a while and are tired of looking at a dated landscape, or if you’ve recently purchased a new home, then you may be considering an update of your landscape. Many homeowners in Oakland Township find that they eventually want more from their landscape than a basic patio, lawn, and trees and shrubs. That’s where your local landscaping professional comes in. A complete landscape renovation can be a huge undertaking, but it can be an easy process if you have a company like Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape to help, and a list of amazing ideas to start your project with.

Great Hardscapes

A good place to start updating your outdated landscape is with an upgrade or complete overhaul of your hardscapes. If your driveway, patios and walkways are plain concrete, they could probably use an update to beautiful brick pavers or natural stone. Your landscaping professional can recommend the right materials for your project, however, brick pavers are great for any type of hardscape, including driveways. They are low maintenance and come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Natural stone can be a great option for patios and walkways. If you are considering natural stone for a driveway upgrade, consult with your designer to select the right stone for your project. Stone and brick pavers are also great options for updating the patio area around your pool.

Water Features

Water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains are great features for all size landscapes. If your landscape needs a boost, a water feature is just the thing. Not only do they provide value and visual appeal to your outdoor space but the sound of running water is known to have stress relieving properties. Add a water feature to your new landscape and turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat.

Garden Beds

Stacked block and brick pavers make great retaining walls and garden beds. If your existing landscape is lacking visual appeal, use brick or stone blocks to create retaining walls for garden beds. Gardens bring color and attractive aesthetics to your landscape. Building retaining walls creates visual dimension to a flat yard. For small yards, multi-level raised garden beds can create more space for flowers or even vegetables. 


Fire pits and fireplaces are quickly becoming essentials for a great outdoor living space. Use brick pavers or stone block to create a small gas fire pit. If your space is larger, a custom fireplace or a larger fire pit is a great place for guests to gather. Adding some comfy outdoor furniture around your fireplace or fire pit will turn your outdoor space into the perfect evening hangout.

A Good Landscape Designer

Most homeowners in Oakland Township quickly discover that the “do-it-yourself” option for landscape renovation is a bad idea. Unless you are a landscape professional by day and DIY expert by night, attempting a complete landscape overhaul on your own is a daunting task. To make your life easier and to ensure that you get the best features, a perfect design, and materials that fit your budget and applications, a great landscape designer is essential.

For More Information on Landscape Renovations in Oakland Township, Michigan

A complete landscape renovation can bring new life to your home. From planters to amazing outdoor living spaces, a great landscape design can add value to your home and give you an outdoor space that you can be proud of. Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape have the professionals that can help you with your landscape renovation from design to construction. If you are ready to start your landscape renovation, call us at (586) 739.6646 or (248) 650.3600 to schedule your renovation consultation.