Which Landscape Contractor is Right for You?

A beautifully tended yard with complementary outdoor living space all around is a surefire way to increase your quality of life as well as your home’s value. Once you’ve acknowledged that a gorgeous, properly maintained yard is a priority, your next decision will likely be to hire a professional landscape contractor.

But, how do you know how to find the best professional landscaper for your yard? Which one will deliver for you as you need and expect? Searching the internet isn’t enough. A general search can be overwhelming and can make you even more confused about who to hire.

If you can relate to that, don’t worry. There are actually steps you can take to streamline the entire decision-making process and be confident in the landscape contractor you hire.

The following 4 tips will guide you in making the right landscape contractor choice smoothly and painlessly.

Communicate (Know what you Want & Personality traits)

If you were asked right now exactly what you want and expect in your landscaping project, would you be able to articulate it in a clear, concise way?  If not, you’ll need to work on it. If you can, then you’re on your way to zeroing in on the ideal landscape contractor for your job.

Once you’re able to spell out exactly what you desire, you’ll be able to make the right match based on the contractor’s specializations and capabilities.  Essentially, it isn’t enough for a contractor to be well experienced in the particular services you need.  If the contractor doesn’t understand your preferences or is unable to clearly explain to you the crucial details you need to understand, you’ll have a communication breakdown that can result in a breakdown of the entire relationship.


While searching the internet for all potential landscape contractors isn’t enough, it is a good first step. Seek and research as many local contractors as possible and compare and contrast them in a variety of ways – by price, length of experience, time in business, rating by the BBB, their portfolio, and number and quality of references, which is expanded upon below.

Be Flexible

Contractors go by a variety of titles and names. Don’t limit yourself to just one phrasing when it comes to searching for landscaping services. Maybe they’re a landscape firm, maybe they call themselves a landscape services company. Some even use the words “maintenance” or “design” in their company names. So, don’t limit your search to just one phrase.

Investigate references, reviews, and referrals

Take time to visit and thoroughly read Review sites. Previous clients – both satisfied and unsatisfied – are valuable when narrowing down and making your final decision. In addition to review sites, ask around – at work, in your neighborhood, and of course, your family and friends. Good reviews and direct referrals are your most reliable tools for this kind of decision.