The Beauty of Natural Stone in Your Landscape in Lake Orion, MI

Natural Stone Landscape - Lake Orion, MINatural stone is a great option for your landscape. A few months ago, we discussed the benefits of using natural stone, instead of brick pavers for your home’s hardscape features. Your Lake Orion, MI  home is an expression of your style and the pride you have for your home, so when brick pavers don’t fill that need, we often recommend that homeowners in the Lake Orion area consider natural stone for their hardscape features.

Less Structure

This is something that many homeowners in Lake Orion love about stone. You can get the same amazing product when constructing a new, beautiful hardscape patio, walkway or even driveway using stone but it doesn’t feel so structured. Of course, if you love stone and want perfect squares, that is an option too, but natural cut stone in random shapes and sizes gives your hardscape an unstructured feel. From ultra-modern homes where design can go from highly structured to almost chaotic to the many beautiful historic homes in our communities, natural stone is a perfect choice for hardscape features.

More Organic Water Features

Brick pavers are a good option for building solid, long lasting water features. But not every homeowner wants a water feature that is made from pavers and has that square, structured look. Natural stone gives your home’s water feature a more natural and organic feel, than brick pavers. Using natural stone in your water feature gives the feeling of being in nature, watching water flow down a creek. For many homeowners, this is just what they imagine when they consider adding a water feature to their landscape design.

Go Big

Some landscapes just demand BIG features. Whether this is a retaining wall, large patio, or substantial landscape features, stone is your answer if you want BIG! Stone can be cut into large, substantial pieces that are perfect for building retaining walls that are strong enough for steep slopes. These big stone slabs are also great for building unique furniture pieces in your hardscape such as tables and benches. If you are looking for less square in your landscape, we can use boulders for retaining walls. Large boulders and stone slabs are great eye-catching features, and are great options for for building waterfalls and ponds in your landscape’s water feature.

Long Lasting, Low Maintenance

If you think about the longevity of stone in nature, you know why many homeowners choose it for their hardscapes and water features. Stone is naturally “designed” to withstand heat, cold, water, pressure, and just about anything else you can throw at it. Natural stone is supposed to age and change over time, so it’s incredibly low maintenance on top of being super durable.

Stone is a great hardscape material if you are looking to create a natural-looking, low maintenance patio, retaining wall or water feature in your Macomb County yard. The variety of shapes, sizes and colors of stone means that it will match perfectly with any home style or personal sense of style.

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