Lake Orion Garden Design: Why You Should Include Raised Beds

When designing a garden, there are many choices to be made on which features you would like included. Raised beds can provide an interesting feature to your Lake Orion garden and can also be a productive location for flowers, herbs and vegetables in small or larger plots.

Here are several reasons why you should consider raised beds in your Lake Orion garden:

Better Soil Conditions

If you struggle with the quality of soil in your Lake Orion garden but you want to cultivate a variety of plants, raised beds allow you to control the condition of your soil better. Beds are built on top of the land, and lined to prevent weeds and grass growing through to the soil in the raised bed.

You can add the soil you need depending upon the type of plant you want to grow. Flowers, vegetables and herbs all grow in different optimum conditions, and your raised beds will be filled with the best quality soil to allow your chosen plants to thrive.


If you’re planning to do most, if not all, of your garden maintenance yourself then tending to raised beds can be much easier than maintaining plants at ground level. Back or joint problems can put an end to your ability to manage much of the maintenance work in your Lake Orion garden. However, if you, or other members of your family, have mobility problems, a raised bed could be a help.

Beds can be raised to any height to suit your needs and can be made out of any material that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the soil (the higher the bed, the more weight the frame needs to be able to withstand).

Raised beds can be created at a height that would prevent you from needing to bend at all. They can be designed to allow you to continue to enjoy gardening despite any back or joint problems.

Practical and Decorative

A raised bed can be designed to complement the general design of your Lake Orion garden. They can be made from a variety of materials; wood is the most often used, though it can be any building material and brick is popular too. Other potential materials include sheet metals or stone.

The chosen materials for your frame will be chosen to reflect the design theme of your garden which could be rustic, contemporary, industrial or traditional.

Size and Shape

Traditionally, raised beds were square shaped, but they can be any shape that would complement the design of the garden. They can also be any size, and so can be created to reflect the size of your Lake Orion garden and the plot of land you want to dedicate to your raised beds.

Choosing Raised Beds

There are many reasons for choosing to include raised beds in your Lake Orion Garden Design. The ease of use, the flexibility of their design, and the ability to control the soil conditions to suit any plant are just a few of the advantages. If you need any advice or help from landscape professionals, don’t hesitate to contact Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape today.