How do you know which Hardscape Company is Best for You?

If you have decided that you want the most pleasing, appealing, functional, cost-effective hardscape design available for your home, how do you go about making sure the company you hire can deliver for you?

Most homeowners who embark upon new hardscaping for their homes have dreams, desires, and some absolute must-haves. But they proceed without the additional planning needed on their part to make sure the company they hire can help them realize all their wants and needs.

Basically, the best hardscape design for your home ensures you and your family get more pleasure and enjoyment from your barbecue parties, holiday events, and family time together.   But only if you find the hardscaper that is an ideal match for what you need and want.

Here are 4 steps to take to discover the hardscape company that’s best for you and your home.  

Investigate previous jobs and customers

Once you have your first conversation with a hardscape company you’re considering, ask them for references – clients they have done jobs for, testimonials or review comments they’ve given you or posted, and photos, addresses, or locations of previous jobs have done. This is especially  helpful if they’ve done work similar to what you want done.

If you get this information, follow up.  Call their references, find the reviews that were posted, and by all means, do some drive-bys to the locations where they’ve done the hardscape jobs.

Be very inquisitive

Every question you ask is relevant, important, and deserves a thorough, clear, helpful answer. Before you meet with the contractor, brainstorm all the questions you can think of and prepare to ask them.

Run the gamut of topics – from benefits to potential hazards and make sure to ask about special offers and promotions, as well as maintenance service.

It’s imperative that your expectations are aligned with not only their promises and guarantees but also their ability to deliver for you. One of the ways you can direct this outcome is to ask questions and make sure the answers are clear and informative.

Prioritize and Create a list of your specific needs

You must make sure you have a match with the hardscape company you’re “interviewing”. All hardscape companies are not alike in terms of capabilities. Look at this as entering into a long-term professional relationship.

Make a list of exactly what services you need or want – such as design and maintenance, snow removal, hardscape construction, lighting and irrigation –and then look for good matches.

Don’t make the lowest price your only criteria

Price should never be the sole reason you choose one company over another one. Granted, it plays a role but in the long run, what you don’t pay for initially you may end up paying for in rework and repairs many times over. Price shop but make capabilities and quality shopping equally important.