Including a Rockery in Armada Landscape Design

Rockeries have been around for decades in Armada landscape design. Traditionally they are rustic in design, often created on a sloped plot, and make use of small, alpine flowers.

But tradition has been turned on its head as garden design has become increasingly innovative. Great designers will now consider rockeries on a variety of plots (though they’re still very popular for sloped areas) and will incorporate a variety of rocks, plants, and other hard landscaping features to create a contemporary, industrial, or minimalist addition to the design.

There are many advantages to incorporating a rockery into your Armada landscape design. Here are just a few.

Attractive Year Round

The rocks themselves can be made a feature and so, regardless of the plants used, a rockery can be attractive throughout the year. Careful landscape design will, of course, include a choice of plants so you can enjoy a long flowering season.

The rocks will grow lichen and moss and will add to the color in your rockery over time.

Make Use of a Slope

In terms of location, a rockery needs to be in a sunny spot to really thrive. They are particularly useful if your property is on a slope as the rockery traditionally thrives in a sunny, well drained spot.

Minimal work will need to be carried out on a slope if you choose to make a feature of it with a rockery.

Traditional rockeries use alpine flowers which thrive on a rocky slope so they are a great feature to choose for slopes with a high gradient.

Variety of Designs

A rockery has traditionally been rustic is design, but Armada landscape design has come a long way. There are endless possibilities of building materials and types or sizes of rock and so a rockery can be anything you want it to be.

Contemporary landscape design include the use of interesting succulents, or you could go minimalist and really concentrate on your choice of stone by mixing up the type of stone and size.

Suited to Any Size Plot

Your rockery can be any size and so can be created in proportion to the rest of your garden. The design of the rockery can reflect the size of the plot.

Smaller plots will make use of smaller rocks and planting choices will need to be appropriate. You are unlikely to get a ‘carpet of color’ from a plant if it only has a limited space to grow in.

Still, you can get a great deal of bang for your buck from a small rockery with the right landscape design and plant choices.

Low Maintenance

A rockery can be low maintenance if prepared properly. When a landscaper builds the garden design they must prepare the soil well to prevent weeds coming through to the rockery over time.

As rockeries are often build on a slope, and can incorporate large stones which can be difficult to move, having to weed the area can be very difficult. However, if prepared properly there is very little maintenance a gardener needs to do except general upkeep such as watering, feeding etc.

Designing a Rockery

Rockeries have come a long way and can now be complementary to any Armada Landscape Design. They are a particularly useful option for sloped areas but can be added to any plot. Their versatility and low maintenance means they are often a popular choice. If you feel that a rockery could help your sloped land, or you simply love the aesthetic benefits it can bring to your property, contact Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape at (586) 739.6646 or (248) 650.3600.  We look forward to hearing from you!