Important Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Paver Contractor

//Important Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Paver Contractor

Important Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Paver Contractor

The decision to install a new brick paver patio or driveway is not one to be taken lightly. A new paver hardscape is a big investment in time and money, and is an investment that should last you a long, long time. As a homeowner, it is important to do your homework before you hire a contractor to install a brick patio or driveway or other hardscape at your Shelby Township home. Here are some helpful questions to ask potential contractors to ensure that you are getting the right contractor for you and your project.

Meet a Few Contractors

This is really important for helping you protect your home and your pocketbook. Make sure that you consider more than one contractor. A business would get bids or proposals from more than one contractor, and so should you. Each contractor will have different pricing, different visions for your project and different subcontractors. So, the product that you receive could be slightly different in appearance and different in price between contractors. Make sure that you request bids, quotes or proposals from at least three contractors. Quality contractors like Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape will understand and appreciate your desire to do your homework, before hiring.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

This is maybe not the most telling indicator of the skills of a contractor, but it will give you an idea of how much experience they have had completing projects. Most contractors that have been in business for a longer period of time, will have encountered pretty much every possible problem, installation challenge and alternative possible. While not always the case, a contractor that has had more experience with the type of hardscape projects that you are considering will be able to give you a more complete and detailed estimate. This isn’t always the case, but make sure that if you consider a newer business that you follow up with references and ask for plenty of examples of their work.

Do You Have Insurance?

This is probably the most important question you can ask a potential contractor, no matter what kind of work they are doing for you. The two types of insurance that you want any contractor working on your home to carry are: liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. These two types of insurance will protect you, the homeowner from any potential damages to workers or property that could occur during your project. A quality contractor will hold both liability and worker compensation insurance. Their liability insurance should cover any damages that they cause to your property and worker’s compensation insurance will ensure that if any of their workers are hurt while working on your property, you, or your homeowner’s insurance, are not responsible for their medical care. Do make sure that you receive a copy of their proof of insurance before they start work, and call the insurance company to verify the validity of the insurance.

Do You Have References?

Business owners or employers would not hire a person without checking references first. The same should be true when hiring a contractor to perform work on your home. Once you’ve narrowed your contractor list down to a couple with a price and proposal that are most appealing, request a list of references. Along with the list, request to see examples of the work that the contractor has completed in the last year or so. This will give you a good idea if they can complete the work on your home, and their references will tell you if they are easy to work with or if there were any issues or concerns.

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