It’s a Sunday morning with overcast conditions. It has been raining quite a bit this monsoon season and forecasts are for heavy showers to continue for at least the next month. You live in an area where it rains relatively more than the other areas and this means a lot of rainwater is accumulated near your house. The rainwater is particularly a nuisance for your landscape which you had worked very hard on preparing last year.

You are particularly disappointed because you were aware that your area receives more rainfall than what is considered normal and you still did not plan for it when designing your landscape. You have been wondering how to get out of this mess considering the weather is not improving any time soon.

You realize you are going to have to do something about this situation because you cannot rely on the weather right now or in the future. You need to fix your landscape so that rain is not a point of concern in the future because fixing it repeatedly is not financially feasible.

It does not matter what type of garden you want to build, you should plan and take precautions keeping in mind the local climate and weather your area has to offer. You should know where the sun beats down in the backyard, where the rain runs off the roof and design a plan that accommodates all these features. This means selecting materials appropriate to this area and design.

Some ways in which you can rainproof your landscape has been described below.

Build Rain Gardens

An innovative but simple way to protect your landscape and gardens from the tumultuous amount of rain is to build a rain garden into your design plans. A rain garden can help store water and moisture in your landscape for a long time which could span weeks if not days depending on the size.

Place Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are a simple way to collect rainwater if placed correctly. They prevent a flood of happening in your landscape and store the water for use in the landscape later on. All homes should be required to install rain barrels since it is so easy and simple and provide such utility for your landscape.

A rainwater collection can be created using barrels that can hold anywhere from 50 to 75 gallons of water. And the system could grow even bigger with tanks that can increase the capacity to 300 gallons plus.

Use Decomposed Granite

Another consideration that could be made to protect yourself against the flood of rainwater that will plague your landscape is by using decomposed granite to build your landscape. This is because it is a permeable material that will allow water to seep through rather than running off. This allows your landscape to avoid sums of water from accumulating near your driveway or patio.

Though using decomposed granite could be a double-edged sword. This is because too much rain might cause erosion and make the granite too mushy and muddy.

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