How to Prep Your Yard Before Winter – Bloomfield Hills, MI

The winter season has really been harsh this time around. While the extreme weather can affect our body, it tends to have a negative impact on our yard as well. The efforts we put in through spring and fall tend to fall away, and there is need to prepare your yard again for next year’s growing season.

Knowing the different seasonal highs you can use the winter season to best affect by planning things that you wouldn’t have time for during the high season. So, here are some winter landscaping tips that you can implement during the end of the season, to get your yard all sorted out for spring.

Trim your Shrubs and Trees

The dormant months of the winter season are perfect for trimming your shrubs, hedges and trees. Perennial plants such as peonies, daisies and hostas remain there throughout all seasons, so you can trim and look after them now.

In addition to looking after perennial plants, you can also prune trees and hedges in the period. Inspect all the trees and hedges in your yard properly, and locate branches that are weak, or are about to fall. Cut those branches off in a safe way, so that you don’t end up injuring yourself or anything.

Remove Debris and Leaves

Throughout the fall and winter season you would see a lot of leaves scattered across your lawn. It is important for you to clear these leaves and the debris that comes with them on a regular basis. Not only do these fallen leaves look unaesthetic, but they also tend to block the sunlight from reaching the grass blades under them.

Failure to clear away the debris or leaves might end up making your grass look pale brown in patches. This will steal away the aesthetic brilliance that you would want within your yard.

Prep Planting Beds

Once you’re done pruning the trees and hedges, and clearing away the fallen leaves, you can start prepping your planting beds. Once your beds and the area around it are clear, you can use a lawn mower along the edges to clearly define them. A clean, crisp finish to the edges will assist you with setting up the beds when the spring season does arrive.

Prepping for winter

Put the time between fall and winter season to use, by looking after the grass blades and their shiny green texture. Late fall season is the right time to mow your lawn, before the snow arrives. Failure to do so can result in matting underneath the layer of snow.

Once it does snow during the winter, avoid walking in your frozen lawn. The constant walking can lead to the emergence of bare spots that only disappear after new grass emerges from under the winter dormancy.

Implement the tips that we have mentioned to winterize your lawns and speed up your preparations for the spring season.

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