How We Get Your Lawn Ready for Summer

Even though it still feels like winter in Shelby Township, spring is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about getting your lawn and landscape cleaned up and ready for summer. Your lawn requires particular springtime care to get it looking great and keeping that lush green look all summer. If you have started thinking about spring, here are the steps your lawn care professional will take to make your lawn look amazing!

Leaf Clean-up

You probably still have some lingering leaves from the fall. Perhaps, you have that one tree in your yard that loses its leaves long after all the other trees. Maybe you choose to leave the leaves as a way of protecting your lawn. Whatever the case, you need to get the leaves up and let your lawn start to breath. This is also a nice task to help tidy up your yard and get it looking great.

Power Raking

Keeping grass thatch is a good way to protect your lawn during the winter. It provides an extra layer of cover between your lawn’s roots and the snow and ice of Michigan winters. And a bit of grass thatch is helpful for providing nutrients to your grass and keeping moisture in your soil. However, too much can keep water from getting to your lawn’s roots and can actually lead to a less healthy lawn. To keep grass thatch at just the right amount, a good power raking in the spring will pull up the thatch and provide more room for your living lawn to spread out.


Aerating your lawn requires a machine that punches holes in your grass. These holes break up the soil, allowing air, nutrients and moisture to penetrate deeper into the ground and reach the roots of your lawn. This process has two benefits to your lawn. Not only does it get water, air and nutrients deep into the soil to the roots of your lawn, but it also helps keep the soil from getting hard and over compacted. If you soil is already too hard, we can follow your aeration with a layer of topsoil and sand, to fill the holes and start softening your lawn.


Over seeding is a great way to fill in your lawn after aeration and power raking. A sprinkling of grass seeds will allow new grass to fill in bare spots and help make your lawn look thicker. This is also a great way to start introducing low-water grass species or to convert sections of lawn to shade tolerant grass.


Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to give it a jump start into summer. An early fertilization, before your lawn wakes up, gives a boost of nutrients to your grass and allows your lawn to uptake both fertilizer and spring rains or late snow. A good fertilizer early in the season will also help your lawn become stronger and more resistant to summer’s heat, lawn pests, and the wear and tear from pets and children.

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