Fixing Construction Issues with Paver Hardscapes

//Fixing Construction Issues with Paver Hardscapes

Fixing Construction Issues with Paver Hardscapes

One of the things that we are seeing more and more frequently, especially in track homes built in the last 10 years, is construction problems like off-square driveways, foundations that aren’t straight and hardscapes that haven’t been installed correctly. Homebuilders want to get as many new homes built, as quickly as possible, so in many instances quality suffers in favor of quantity. You may be surprised to learn that your newer Macomb County home isn’t as perfect as you think, when we start installing new landscape features. Here are some common problems and how we fix them.


We see this frequently with everything from driveways to patios. The contractor hired to install your driveway or concrete features like sidewalks or patios rushes to build forms, and doesn’t ensure that they are square. When you hire us to install a new driveway or sidewalk, we may have to deal with these off-square features. This can be particularly challenging with features like concrete patio pads. Working pavers around these features when they are not square can be challenging. To fix this problem, we have a couple of options. First, we can make cut-outs to join things like paver sidewalks to asphalt or concrete driveways. This may mean using a rounded edge where your sidewalk and driveway come together or making a new square edge for your driveway. Either way we fix this problem, you get a unique look, and it solves the problem of an off-square feature.

Poorly Installed Hardscapes

Perhaps when you had your home built, you paid extra for custom hardscapes, thinking that this would be a good return on your home. However, after a few years, your custom sidewalks or patio has started to settle or heave. This is a sure indication that the builder did not use the proper materials or process when they installed your hardscape. This is true not only for custom hardscapes like pavers or stamped concrete but also for normal concrete sidewalks, patios and driveways. To fix this problem, we generally have to completely remove the hard surface, and start fresh with your pavers. We will remove any fill material that isn’t acceptable and then refill with road base and sand. This will give your new paver hardscape a great foundation that will last many years.

Bad Foundations

Believe it or not, in newer homes, we often see foundations that aren’t straight. Home builders often take short cuts and rush through the process of setting foundation forms. This can result in a foundation that isn’t quite right. When we come to your home to install a new paver patio or sidewalk, this can pose extra challenges for our installation. We have options for making your patio work with a foundation that may not be square or isn’t quite flat. We can use fillers between the pavers and the foundation to create a square wall. While this is an easy fix, it doesn’t always look the best. We can install design features that are rounded instead of square, at the foundation to give the illusion that your foundation is square. This may include rounded stairs or pads at doors that create a beautiful entry, but hide any construction errors. Lastly, if you want a square design to your patio or sidewalk, we can always cut pavers to fit. This isn’t the most attractive of options, but will work if you want to have a square design.

Just because your home’s construction isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful and perfect paver hardscapes. These construction issues create challenges that, with the right tools and materials, are easy to overcome. Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape has seen all sorts of construction issues, and have the expert installers to manage any challenge your home may throw our way. To learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate, call us today.