Finding the Right Landscaper

You love your home. It’s turned out to be ideal for all of your family’s dynamics. It accommodates your lifestyle; your children’s lifestyles and your pets seem to like it too. Basically, you like being home and your family is accumulating great memories as you all move through your lives together.

But, when you look outside, you don’t have the same feelings. You remember a time when you enjoyed your yard, property, and outdoor living spaces. But, somehow, as life has gone by, your yard got a bit neglected. And now, it’s showing the signs of neglect. In fact, it’s casting the appearance that it’s no longer a priority.

You once had curb appeal but sadly that’s diminished. And, now you realize your yard needs immediate attention. But, when you actually think about what needs to be done, all you can envision is losing an entire weekend or two entangled in painstaking work – the yard has to be mowed, edged, trimmed, mulched, weeded, and some areas have to be scrubbed. This seems awful in and of itself but what’s even worse is having to get everyone else on board to pitch in.

But, there’s another way to it done without losing your weekend and alienating your family. Hire a professional landscaping service. This will have a great outcome if you follow some basic steps and hire the right one.

There are three considerations when hiring a landscaper to make sure you get the right one.

Know the difference between landscaping specializations There are a variety of types of landscapers or landscaping specializations. Once you know the difference between them, you’ll know exactly which type you need for what you want to accomplish.

The different types are:

  • landscape managers for maintaining your landscape;
  • landscape contractors for installing features of your landscape;
  • landscape designers and architects who get involved in planning and designing landscapes;
  • arborists for planting, pruning, removing, and tending to trees;
  • horticulturists who have expertise in plants.

Know how to seek and find the right landscaper. Typically, the specializations mentioned above are directly tied to the company’s name, branding, and advertising. This means that you can narrow down your selection process by reaching out only to those specialists who will provide what you need. Naturally, your needs and preferences will be determined by your budget, timeframe, and specifications of your property.

By performing a simple search online you’ll get a long list of potential landscapers close by.  After narrowing down the specializations, check to ensure they have a good reputation and references or good reviews. Look at their website; Do they have a nice display of a variety of jobs they’ve done for other customers?

While it’s a personal choice, many homeowners prefer to work with a small company that operates locally rather than a large corporate franchise type of business. Both types can certainly deliver high-quality work so let your canvassing and screening process lead you to the right choice in this regard.

Enter into a clear, precise contract. Make sure the contract that is presented addresses your needs, and the materials, process and projected timeframe in addition to the costs discussed and agreed upon.

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