Farmington Hills Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Business

When it comes to your commercial landscape, you may have all the right plants, shrubs, patios, walkways, and planters. But have you considered elegant landscape lighting for your business? This element of landscape design may seem like a trivial one, but it can make an “enlightened” difference to the appearance and safety of your commercial property.

Here are a few of the basic options you have when it comes to landscape lighting applications:

1. Multi-Dimensional Lighting

A well illuminated landscape should have functional and decorative lighting. Especially when it comes to commercial spaces, practicality and aesthetic are two necessary components. In your outdoor space, wall sconces on the side of your building or flanking the front entrance provide adequate lighting for entering customers, and add an elegant touch. Garden fixtures and lights strung in trees can also make a big different when it comes to keeping people safe, visible, and impressing guests with a breathtaking entry way.

2. Entrance Lighting

Entrance lights are important for both safety and security at night and can highlight an attractive front door. You can consider adding floodlights or wall-mounted light fixtures to adequately light the entry way, front steps, and provide a welcoming feel.

3. Pathway Lighting

Paths, walkways, and driveways are necessary to have good lighting so customers and employees can safely navigate their way to your front entry way, and to their cars. Add a series of path lights on either side of a walkway and main drive area to meet safety needs and create a design feature in and of itself.

4. Accent Lighting

Accent light fixtures highlight focal points in a landscape, such as interesting architecture, foliage, or water features. They make special areas pop and force onlookers’ eyes to focus on them. Accent lighting can be installed at ground level and directed upward, or installed at an elevated height and directed downward to mimic moonlight.

5. Security Lighting

A must for all businesses, motion-sensor security lighting can alert you of any movement around your business at night and provide a sense of safety and security. This type of lighting is especially important if you have employees who work a night shift, or you have valuable items sold inside your store.

6. String Lights

String lights can be used in trees, in a covered patio, under a pergola, or to add ambiance to outdoor dining or lounging areas. Restaurants can add string lights to an outdoor seating area and inside table umbrellas. String lights are inexpensive, and add character and multi-dimensional lighting.

Interested in Farmington Hills Landscape Lighting?

There are many simple ways to add landscape lighting in your commercial property. Many ideas simply require you to place them in the ground with a stake, or to string a tree or shrub. However, it is also possible to incorporate lighting right into your hardscape features. If you’re interested in elegant and unique ways to light up your business and make it shine, contact Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape for tips, ideas, installation help, and assistance with designing new landscape and hardscape areas.

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