Extend your Michigan Outdoor Season with an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

No one will argue that summer evenings are the most fun when they’re spent outdoors. On those warm, balmy nights, gathered with family, friends, and neighbors, whatever you’re doing is more pleasant and memorable if it’s outdoors. And, of course, if you’re I Michigan, outdoors in the evening always implies there is some kind of fire going.

Great for marshmallows and hot dogs, fires are really great for conversation, good laughs, and relaxation. And, let’s not forget the value of fresh air. Perhaps that’s why bonfires are practically a staple in Michigan and if you live in rural or country areas, you likely have a bonfire pit on your property.

Taken one step further, bonfires allow people who have access to them to enjoy more evenings outdoors throughout the year. This is an advantage considering that from about November – April, most folks spend their nights inside, maybe with a fire in their fireplace going.

However, you don’t’ need to live in the country or in a rural area to enjoy an outdoor fire in the months that aren’t typically known for being outside. Even if you have to bundle up a bit with a sweater or hoodie and maybe even a hat or gloves, you can have all sorts of fine evenings in the fall, winter and spring with a brick paver fire pit and a reputable brick paver professional.

Still not completely convinced? First of all, just think about the ways you and your family and friends could enjoy being outdoors even during the chillier months. Then, with that picture in mind, open yourself up to just a few more things.

Here are 3 reasons to consider adding a fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor living space this fall, winter, or spring.

Add it to your existing patio. If you have a paver brick patio, you’re on your way to installing a new paver brick fireplace. You can have your fireplace become a natural extension of your existing paver brick patio. It can be built in such a way that it looks like it was always there or – at the very least – looks like it always belonged. It shouldn’t be a problem to perfectly match your existing pavers with your new pavers for your fireplace. And, practically painlessly, you’ve just added a new dimension to your patio and allowed yourselves to get even more enjoyment from it.

It’s safer than a traditional bonfire. Perhaps you’re familiar with the cold weather bonfire lifestyle. If so, you know that bonfires can be fire hazards and they require attention the entire time they’re burning.  While it’s true that even a brick paver fire in a fireplace or fire pit also needs to be tended to responsibly, you can keep your outdoor fireplace or fire pit fires burning more safely with less risk.

Create a look that reflects your standards. Granted, fire pits can be bought at many stores- right off the shelf. But, that’s the problem – they’re not customized to complete your exterior decor to your taste. When you have a brick paver fireplace or fire pit designed and installed for you, it has your personal imprint on it. You’ll find you’ll get more pleasure from it when it’s your unique, customized design.

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