Creating a Vital, Lovely Lawn in Oakland County, MI  

When you find yourself in and around Oakland County you might just notice how many of the lawns are lush and green, like soft, plush carpeting. And, it could star stirring up thoughts about your own lawn – maybe even regrets that you haven’t made it as much of a priority as others in Oakland County have seemed to do.

But, having the type of lawn that you and others admire isn’t out of reach for you. Regardless of how much or how long you have neglected or under-cared for your lawn, you can get it to a level of vibrancy and elegance you never thought possible.

Here is how you can create a beautiful lawn in Oakland County!

Compost – When complemented by fertilizers that are natural, composting is an extremely beneficial method for resourcefully and conveniently getting the most out of your current lawn. Think about all the organic waste you create during the course of daily living. Things like leftovers, the peels of fruits and even spoiled meat and fruit are all compost materials that can be used in a very functional way. They can contribute to the fertilization of your lawn.

The practice of using compost generates complex and very rich vitamins and nutrients in the soil. This means it’s a no-lose option, especially when you factor in the benefit you’re giving to the environment. Everyone who includes compositing into their living habits feels better about themselves. They are doing something positive that is also productive. You might even experience some cost savings on your trash bill.

Eliminating synthetic fertilizers   – Staying consistent with the composting approach, go natural when it comes to fertilization. Synthetic fertilizers are not the solution for a beautiful lawn. Revert back to what was done and has continued to be done for centuries. Go natural. Fertilizers that are natural offer more benefits and don’t bring forth any negative effects on the environment. A professional landscaping service provider can assist you in selecting and applying the ideal natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Proper Timing and Extent of Watering – When it comes to watering your lawn, do you have a schedule or do you do it on a reactionary, as-needed, “when you feel like it” basis? Obviously, any of those answers are wrong. But do you know the ideal time and method for watering your lawn? You might be one of those who think you need to give your lawn a huge dose of water for a short period of time. But that’s not true. If you do that your lawn willing et squishy and swampy. Too much water causes an overflow on your soil. Neither your soil nor your grass can absorb all of it.

Water your lawn deeply after lengthy intervals. It is important that you allow the water to deeply penetrate in the root and beyond the roots, so the lawn remains capable of absorbing the water as it receives it.

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