Creating a Stunning Look for Your Farmington Hills Front Yard

As winter is upon us, many people have the winter blues. We leave for work when it’s still dark and return home when it’s dark again. Most homeowners think there aren’t many opportunities to improve their homes and that they have to wait for warmer months to get anything done. When the warmer months start, they’re usually busy and those projects fall on the back burner again.

This winter fight those winter blues by getting a jump on your front yard projects. Using hardscape, you can create a stunning look for your Farmington Hills front yard that makes you proud to pull up. These additions can make your front yard look like a postcard of a winter wonderland!

Five Ideas for Your Front Yard

You may be wondering what new addition to start with for your front yard. Here are five ideas that will help you create the front yard of your dreams!

  • Update your walkway with brick pavers. Brick pavers are a beautiful and durable building material that allows you to customize your walkway. By updating your walkway with brick pavers, you can choose the size, color, and pattern for your walkway to yield stunning results.
  • Add Pillars. Adding pillars to the base of your driveway or on your front porch creates a stunning look for your front yard. Most pillars are made from brick pavers, due to the versatility of colors brick pavers come in, but other materials include stone and wood.
  • Light up your yard. Light up your yard this winter with landscape lighting. Lighting can be added to illuminate your walkway and driveway using brick paver lighting, above ground fixtures, or using traditional lamp posts.
  • Add layers to your yard. Add layers to your front yard using natural stones. Natural stones can be used to line your front yard to add layers in the winter months and create a barrier for gardening in the spring months.
  • Refinish your driveway. Refinish your driveway this winter using brick pavers. Brick paver driveways are stain-resistant and durable. A brick paver driveway creates a classy look for any front yard.

Why You Should Have Your Updates Started Now

There are several reasons why you should have your Farmington Hills front yard updated now, rather than waiting. The timing in the winter months is often perfect to get hardscaping finished. After the holidays, things start to slow down for most homeowners, giving them more time to discuss and plan for additions. In the summer months, people are often busy with family and focused on landscaping.

Another reason you shouldn’t wait to have your updates started is that those updates will boost your home value! If you’re looking to refinance or sell your home in the spring and summer months, you’ll be glad that you didn’t wait to get your front yard renovations finished.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to fight those winter blues by creating the front yard of your dreams for your Farmington Hills home, give Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape a call today at (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600. Together we can help you create your own winter wonderland!