Creating Curb Appeal with Commercial Landscaping

Many business owners think that their business investments are best left to the actual day to day functions of their operations. These same business owners are often the ones in poorly maintained properties that look a little sketchy from the street. How your business looks on the outside, is just as important as the job you do. If your customers are hesitant to visit your Macomb County office because it isn’t well maintained on the outside, it won’t matter how good your product or service is, either. Here are some thoughts on commercial landscape design and installation to improve your curb appeal and keep your customers happy.

Attractive Walkways

The best thing you can do to help get customers to your business is to have a well maintained, and attractive walkway leading to your front door. If your existing concrete sidewalk is heaving and sinking or has started to crumble, it’s time to consider a replacement. Many businesses are replacing their old sidewalks and entryways with beautiful stone or brick pavers. Dollar for dollar, pavers are just as affordable as concrete, especially when you consider long-term maintenance and replacement cost. Pavers require little to no maintenance when installed by a professional. And if you notice issues with your business’s walkway or entryway, like sinking or heaving, localized repairs can be made, instead of ripping up an entire walkway or entryway.

Outdoor Seating

Make waiting for an appointment a pleasant experience by installing comfortable outdoor seating areas. These spaces can include benches and pretty stone or brick paver patios. Add some planter boxes, or some attractive bushes and grasses and you have created a serene space for your customers to wait for appointments. These spaces can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, but in the end, they make for an attractive and inviting feature for your business.

Planting with Color

There are few things that make your business look great from the curb than a splash of color. When you are working with your landscape designer, don’t forget to include color in your design. This may mean planting beautiful flowering perennials, flowering bushes, or setting a plan for annual flower planting each spring. This doesn’t have to be an expensive or expansive undertaking. A few well-placed planter pots or raised beds around the door or edge of your building can make your business look beautiful and well cared for.

Proper Irrigation Systems

As you are designing your business’s landscape, you also need to consider how all of these new plantings and fresh lawn are going to get watered. A critical element to any commercial landscape is a properly designed, installed and programmed irrigation system. Installing a great landscape won’t do your business any good if it doesn’t get watered properly. Before we start designing lawn areas, planters and even those attractive outdoor seating areas for your customers, we are going to want to consider efficient and practical placement of your landscape’s irrigation system.

If your business needs a landscape overhaul, the design and installation experts at Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape are here to help you from concept to landscape maintenance. To learn more about our commercial landscape design, installation, and maintenance services, please call us today at (248) 650-3600 or (586) 739-6646.