Creating a Great Water Garden

//Creating a Great Water Garden

Creating a Great Water Garden

A beautiful water garden or water feature can enhance the yard of your southeast Michigan home. Water features can bring a sense of serenity and calmness to your home, making your yard a sanctuary. A water garden doesn’t have to be huge to make a statement or create a peaceful place; it just needs the right features. If you are looking to add a water garden to your backyard, here are four things to consider when working with your landscape designer.


When you are thinking about installing a water feature, select a location in your yard where you think you will get the most benefit from the feature. Perhaps it’s along your patio where you can sit beside it and enjoy the peacefulness. Or, if you have a part of your yard that you haven’t had much luck with other landscape features, a water garden or pond might be the perfect answer for that place in your yard where “nothing” will grow. If you aren’t set on a particular location, your landscape designer can help with suggestions that will put your new water garden in the most practical and accessible location.


Plants can be a great addition to your water feature. If you want to grow water plants such as lily pads or certain types of reed grass, you will need to make sure that your water feature is deep enough to maintain them properly. When planning a new pond or water feature, make sure that you tell your designer this, so that they can create a plan that is deep enough. If you aren’t into water plants, use the edges of your water feature to grow beautiful perennial flowers and ornamental grasses. These plants will require little work on your behalf, and will make your yard look great.


One of the most relaxing sounds is that of running water. Many people like to install a waterfall as part of their water feature. A waterfall that is designed and installed correctly can add benefits to the health of your water feature along with the pleasing aesthetics that running water will add to your yard. If you intend on growing plants or having fish in your pond, a water fall will circulate the water through your pond, keeping it oxygenated for your fish and plants and help your pond from stagnating. A stagnant pond will attract insects such as mosquitos to your yard, and can create an unattractive smell.


When you are designing your water feature, you may want to have a seating area installed nearby. This allows you and your guests to enjoy the benefits of your water garden. The seating area doesn’t need to be fancy, and it can be a small patio with a bench or two. If you are wanting to include your water feature into a complete patio design, your seating area may include a fire pit, dining area, or outdoor kitchen. No matter which you prefer, a nice seating area near your water feature is an attractive amenity to any yard.

Creating a beautiful water feature for your yard will bring years of peace and relaxation to your home. If you need help designing the perfect water garden or need a complete landscape design, the professionals at Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape are here to help. For more information on all of our landscape design and installation services, please call us today at (248) 650-3600.