How to Create a Garden that’s Easy to Maintain in Metro-Detroit

Let’s face it if you’re creating anything with life – whether it’s a pond with fish or garden with plants – there is going to be maintenance involved and required. And, in most cases, this maintenance must be regular, routine and if neglected, it diminishes whatever it is you’ve created. But, when it comes to a garden, if you apply a basic strategy before you create your garden, you can have a garden that is nice to look at, enjoyable to experience and easy to maintain.

While a maintenance-free garden isn’t possible – even if it’s plastic it has to be dusted – a minimal-maintenance garden is very feasible. Yes, you can free yourself up from your daily to weekly garden duties this spring and summer and spend more time appreciating it.  And this garden is one that you will enjoy and be very proud of as your guests show their express their appreciation and admiration of what you’ve created.

Here is the fundamental step to creating an easy-to-maintain garden.

Expand your outdoor living space to accommodate guests and entertainment so that your garden area doesn’t’ need to be as large. In other words, let your patio area be used for relaxing and entertaining and in the process, consume some of the extra space that would typically be dedicated to a garden or more plants.

Here are ways you can expand your outdoor living space.

Think about it, patio furniture is a lot less maintenance than plants and foliage, right? And, a patio space is much more functional and interactive than plants and gardens. An easy approach to this strategy is to use stone slabs as the extension of your patio. Once there is a slab foundation, the area becomes a natural gathering spot. Add a couple more pieces of furniture or a barbeque and you’ve just expanded o9r patio and minimized your garden area.

While a bit expensive, adding bluestone can be ideal for extending your outdoor living spaces and bypassing additional plants and greenery. A dense, durable and natural material, bluestone is offered in a range of colors. These stone slabs come in colors ranging from brown and gray to pink, white, orange and blue. Being natural the texture of bluestone is soothing and fine for bare feet, a big plus in the summertime.  Furthermore, this stone stays fairly cool even during the sweltering days of summer.

As mentioned, bluestone is pricey so there is an alternative. Serving the same function and providing similar advantages, crushed stone is a viable option for extending your outdoor space to minimize the need for a larger garden or plant life.  So, instead of using the large slabs of bluestone, you can lay white stone or crushed pea stone. Granted, this won’t give your feet the same cool, comfy feeling but crushed stone can create fine pathways as a means of extending your patio area or your deck. And, you’ll be able to stay within your budget in the process.

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