Complete Landscape Design – Plan Now for Spring

//Complete Landscape Design – Plan Now for Spring

Complete Landscape Design – Plan Now for Spring

Complete Landscape Design – Plan Now for SpringOne of our most popular services here in southeast Michigan is our complete landscape design and installation services. This service allows us to work with a homeowner to create a beautiful landscape, including patios, retaining walls, gardens, lawn and irrigation systems, in one single project. Whether your project is large encompassing your entire property, or if you have a small yard that needs a facelift, a complete landscape design has benefits for you as a homeowner. As spring approaches, now is the perfect time to start planning your landscape project. Here’s why it’s good to plan now for your springtime project.

Work Out the Kinks

Getting a design on paper is a great way to work through potential issues and problems, before crews are in your yard working on your project. Computer programs for designing landscapes allow us to input the dimensions of your project and existing features, to create a fairly realistic template of your yard. Then we add in the features that you want, in the places that you want, and we can quickly determine if they are going to fit, if there are existing features that will need to be removed, or if a feature needs to go in a different location. The other great thing about landscape design is that while we are in the planning stage, you can change your mind and rearrange features as often as you want, until you get the perfect space, and there isn’t any construction or damage to your home’s existing landscape.

Work in Your Budget

You may have big dreams for your home’s landscape, but if your budget is small, we may need to find alternatives or scale down your plans. The great thing about working on your landscape now, is that we can work through your budget and find the right products and features that fit your budget, and your landscape dreams.

Preorder Materials

Planning ahead allows us to preorder everything from brick and stone pavers for your patio, pool decking and retaining walls to all of the greenery, including sod and flowers that you will need for your project. Ordering ahead of time allows us to know if the materials that we’ve planned for will be available or if we need to find alternatives. And often time, material suppliers will give discounts for ordering supplies ahead of time, instead of rushing an order for an unplanned project. This ability to preorder materials limits supply issues and can save you money in the long run on your landscaping project.

No Waiting for Installation Crews

Planning your project before construction season starts allows us to schedule our crews ahead of time. This means that your project is on our calendar now, and we are ready with both our installers and any subcontractors that may be necessary for your project. Doing a project at the last minute may mean waiting for weeks or months before a crew or subcontractor has time in their summer schedule to install your project. This can also increase your project cost, because contractors may charge more for short notice projects. Planning now means you know when your project will be done, how long it should take, and how much labor will cost. Saving you time, money and plenty of headaches.

You may not be thinking about summer landscaping projects now. The weather is still reminding us that winter is still around. However, if you want an easy, and budget friendly landscaping project in the spring, now is the perfect time to plan and schedule your landscaping project. To speak with one of our experienced landscape designers or to schedule a consultation, please call us today at, (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600.