The Most Common Things Macomb County Homeowners Get Wrong with it comes to lawn care

Even if it’s fall or early winter, Macomb County homeowners still think about and look out at their yards and lawns. They’ll be snow-covered, leaves covered and perhaps absolutely dried up, but it doesn’t stop homeowners from thinking about how they’re going to tend to their lawns once spring comes. Because the one thing everyone in Macomb County and Michigan for that matter knows is that spring always comes.

And with spring comes lawn chores. Some of the chores are tedious and unwelcome. Others are pleasant even if they do require a lot of work and time. But one thing every homeowner in seasonal climates knows – all lawn care chores are necessary if they want to have a nice-looking lawn in the coming spring and summer.

So, as spring rolls in, and the first dry pleasant days are underway, homeowners begin getting out their mowers and rakes and prepare to get to work. But, unless they brush up on the basics and specifics, many homeowners will end up making the same mistakes they made last year and the year before. Mistakes that can be and should be avoided so that they give themselves the finest lawns they’ve ever had.

If this might be you, then read on. Or, if you don’t think it’s possible to get an even more beautiful and healthy lawn this spring than you’ve had in the past, it’s really important that you read on.

Here are the most common things that homeowners get or do wrong when it comes to caring for their lawns in the spring.

Watering the lawn in late morning, afternoon or evening. The optimum time to water a lawn is in the morning, ideally from 6 – 10 in the morning. Give your lawn all day to dry instead of disallowing it the opportunity to get dry. Otherwise, mildew and fungus are given the opportunity to develop.

Planting seeds in unhealthy soil. Do you conduct soil t4ests? If so, are you doing it right? If you’re not sure, then once you find out these three things, you’ll be able to conduct a correct soil test which will ensure that healthy plants are yielded. When testing your soil discover the following three things: the level of pH in the soil – the ideal level ranges from 6 and 6.5; deficiencies that your soil may contain; the best fertilizer based upon the fertility of your soil.

Planting the wrong types of seeds.  It’s imperative that different types of seeds are planted so that the turf can handle severe weather conditions such as excessive drought or heat. The ideal combination for lawns is half fescue – to make your lawn more durable – and half bluegrass – so your grass becomes softer.

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