Buying or Planning for an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular since they allow you to host great dinners in the fresh air. No one wants to be cooped up in their kitchen in the stifling heat of summers. A fully equipped outdoor cooking center can be quite fun and add value to your property’s price.

However, building an outdoor kitchen from scratch can be quite intimidating. It is better to follow expert advice on how to build an outdoor kitchen. You will need to design the plan, location, power and water supply, and adhere to local codes. Here is a simple guide that you can follow to build your own outdoor kitchen.

The Location

Your entertaining area and barbecue should be near the house, especially the kitchen. Ideally, the outdoor kitchen should be protected from the wind and get minimum possible exposure to sun or rain. An existing patio is often the best location since it gives you room for entertaining your friends and family. However, do make sure that the chosen location doesn’t have anything flammable overhead like trees, patio roofs, or trellises.

The Utilities

The sink in your outdoor kitchen will need a proper water supply and drainage system. You will also need electricity for lighting, rotisserie, and refrigerator. The grill or oven you are using may also need to be attached to a gas or electricity line. While designing the outdoor kitchen, these considerations need to be accounted for in order to have a fully functioning space.

The Construction

If you plan on getting a large, heavy barbecue then you will need the right construction to support it. A cement pad with steel reinforcements should do the trick. The construction of the countertops should also be of a practical height and depth so that you can work with ease.

The Local Codes

Before you go ahead with your plan, you will have to check on the local codes. The zoning requirements need to be followed properly to make sure that the outdoor kitchen is legally safe to install. You will also need permits for the plumbing and electrical work for the outdoor kitchen. In most zones, the gas grill also needs to be properly framed by non-flammable materials to avoid an incident.

Buying an Outdoor Kitchen

One way that you can avoid building your own outdoor kitchen from scratch is to buy a prefabricated modular outdoor kitchen. They are available online, big home improvement stores, and specialty manufacturers. There are many different styles, sizes, and configurations that you can choose from according to your style.  However, we strongly recommend hiring a professional hardscape contractor!

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to spend a weekend in the summer. This is one investment that you definitely won’t regret making.  Give the professionals a call to get started on your outdoor kitchen this Michigan spring!  Give Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape now. We can be reached at (586) 739-6646 or (248) 650-3600. You will thank yourself for trusting our experts with your outdoor kitchen!