Brick Pavers or Natural Stone: What’s the Right Choice?

//Brick Pavers or Natural Stone: What’s the Right Choice?

Brick Pavers or Natural Stone: What’s the Right Choice?

When you are planning a new outdoor living space for your Macomb County home, you likely have started to realize how many choices you have for materials. If you have never worked with these materials before, it may be hard to make an educated decision about what is best for your space and budget. At Fresh Cut Landscape, we offer a variety of hard surface materials, but the two most popular for outdoor living spaces are brick pavers and natural stone. Here are our thoughts on the two materials and how they fit into your project and budget.

Natural Stone

Many homeowners want their space to be as natural and organic looking as possible. For these homeowners, the natural choice is stone. Stone landscaping materials are mined directly from rock quarries. Each different type of stone has a unique texture and color, so the options for your landscape are nearly endless. Stone also tends to be a popular choice over time, and since stone styles don’t change like brick pavers do, you can be sure that your stone hard surfaces will be a good investment. Speaking of lasting a long time, the other benefit to stone is that it is low maintenance. Because it wears and weathers well, you don’t have to work too hard to keep it clean and maintained.

The cons of stone? The most obvious con of stone versus brick is the price. Stone can be expensive, especially if you’ve selected a stone type that isn’t native to the region. If you aren’t planning on keeping your home for a long time, it may not give you the return on your investment either. Stone can also be more difficult to install, since it requires a keen eye to place each piece, and the labor costs from your landscaping professional will be higher.

Brick Pavers

The great thing about brick pavers is the variety of options you have to choose from when you select this material for your outdoor living space. Brick pavers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. This alone can make settling on brick pavers an easy choice. You can easily match new pavers with existing landscaping materials. Brick is also very easy to install, so the labor costs for your landscaper will be less. The last and often winning factor for brick pavers is the cost. Brick is much less expensive than stone, and since it comes in such a variety of options, you can get brick that looks like stone, but is more affordable.

The cons of brick? Brick can be a bit higher maintenance. It needs to be refilled and sealed more frequently, and it does require more work to keep it clean. Since brick styles change in popularity over time, you may find that what you install now, may not be fashionable when you sell your property.

What Do You Select?

The type of hard surface material that you select is really dependent on your budget, your existing landscaping features, and what application you are using them for. It can also be a matter of personal taste. Remember when selecting a material for your hardscape, whether it is stone or brick, that the application does matter, so consult with your landscaping contractor if you are thinking about a new patio around a pool, or the best options for a driveway.

Fresh Cut Landscape has professional staff that can help you select the right materials for your landscaping project. We have been installing stone and brick outdoor features in Macomb County for almost 30 years and we know just how to make your landscape look amazing. To schedule a consultation or for more information on our full range of landscaping and lawn care services, call us today at (586) 739-6646.