The Benefits of Using Natural Stone in Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills Natural Stone Hardscape Landscape DesignNatural stone is the perfect material for adding beauty and durability to all of your outdoor spaces in Rochester Hills. Whether you are looking to create new walkways, upgrade your driveway or build the perfect outdoor living space, stone is a versatile material that looks great and can stand up to the wear and tear of daily life and the weather extremes of southeast Michigan. If you are ready to upgrade your outdoor hard surfaces, here are some benefits to selecting natural stone products.

Visual Appeal

One of the best things about natural stone is that no two pieces are alike. Each piece has a unique blend of colors, textures and shapes. This allows you to create a patio, walkway or driveway that is completely unique, and unlike anything your neighbors might have. This variety is something you can only get from using a natural product. Concrete block and brick are manufactured to be consistent in color, shape and texture. Natural stone gives your hardscapes an organic feeling that can only come from Mother Nature.

A Sustainable Product

For many of our Rochester Hills clients who are concerned with using environmentally friendly products, natural stone is a great option. Not only is stone long lasting and more capable of withstanding weather, water and heavy traffic but it doesn’t have the environmental impacts to our air and water that manufactured products like brick and concrete do. Certainly there are impacts on the environment from mining activities, and shipping, but because stone lasts so long, homeowners in Rochester Hills don’t have to worry about replacing stone features on a regular basis. Stone can also be recycled into paving products and used for aggregate, so once its life as a hardscape material has passed, it can be used in other applications.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Depending on the type of stone that you select for your landscaping project in Rochester Hills, you can have a long lasting hardscape with little to no maintenance. Products like granite and limestone resist moisture, heat and are great in heavy traffic areas. You also don’t have to worry about stone pavers cracking or falling apart like some concrete products may. Many stone products don’t need to be sealed to protect them from staining, and cleaning stone products can be done easily with a broom or a gentle hose.


Many types of stone pavers, such as sandstone or flamed granite, have a natural non-slip surface. This makes natural stone perfect for places where you will encounter water regularly or on a periodic basis. Non-slip, textured surfaces of stone pavers are perfect for walkways and poolside patios. Even when they get wet, you can be assured that your family and friends will be safe walking around your pool or to your front door even when it’s rainy or wet.

For More Information on Using Natural Stone For Your Landscape / Hardscape Project in Rochester Hills

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