The Benefits of Complete Landscape Design

//The Benefits of Complete Landscape Design

The Benefits of Complete Landscape Design

One of our favorite parts of working for our southeast Michigan clients is when we get to help a homeowner create a beautiful, complete landscape. While not all homeowners can afford to do a complete landscape design and install all at once, there are benefits to having your landscape designed by a professional, even if you install in phases. If your home needs a landscape make-over, here are some thoughts on why a complete landscape design is the best way to go.

Professional Eye

When a professional landscape designer helps you create a complete landscape design, you get their years of experience added into your home’s exterior. In an era of do-it-yourself projects, many homeowners try to coordinate all of the ideas they see on TV and in magazines into their yard, and end up with a mess of different designs, materials that don’t work together, and plants that aren’t right for the space. A professional, complete landscape design means that you get spaces that tie together, a professional’s opinion on the best materials, and plants that actually work in your yard.

It All Works Together

Even if you are going to install your landscape in phases, a complete design that includes lawn, plants, hardscapes and even a pool, will work together much better than pieces that are done individually. Your complete landscape design will allow you to put in a pool and still have space for your outdoor living area and have plenty of lawn for your kids and pets to run in. A professional landscape design takes your existing space and fits all of the features you are looking for, in the most aesthetically pleasing and functional manner possible. A professional landscape designer will take into account any features or structures you want to tackle in the future, into the current plan, to make these future additions as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Better Materials

Working with a professional landscaping company to create your complete landscape design and construction means that you often have access to landscaping materials that you won’t find at your local home improvement store. Being able to buy from suppliers directly instead of using a middle man, means that your landscaper can get you more material options, sometimes unique options, and better quality materials. And since your landscaper gets the materials at a wholesale price, you can often get better plants, sod, and other landscaping materials for a lower cost.

Cost Savings

Now, this may seem counter intuitive. Hiring a professional to design a complete landscape saves money? That’s right! Believe it or not, it is more cost effective to design a complete landscape, than to do individual parts separately. How does this work, you may be asking? Well, when you have a complete landscape design, you know where everything is going to go ahead of time. You don’t have to worry about installing sod, and then tearing it out a couple of years later for another feature. This costs you more money than just doing each part once. Even if you install your design in phases, you save money by doing the job right, the first time.

A complete landscape design is the best way to create a beautiful exterior for your Macomb County home. Of course we recommend that if you are designing a complete landscape, you have it installed all at one time, for the most cost savings. However, if you need to install in phases, you can be assured that your beautiful design will fit together perfectly, creating an amazing outdoor space.

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