A Short Guide for Fall Clean-Up Routine for Commercial Landscapes

//A Short Guide for Fall Clean-Up Routine for Commercial Landscapes

A Short Guide for Fall Clean-Up Routine for Commercial Landscapes

Commercial landscaping needs cleaning throughout the year. However, the need for clean-up increases manifolds during fall when trees start shedding their leaves and plant debris become a major nuisance for business owners around their commercial properties. Besides that, a good fall clean-up measure also prepares commercial landscapes for winters and following spring. For that matter, it is not just about blowing and collecting fallen tree debris.

Let’s have a look at some of the basic constituents of a good fall clean-up routine for the landscaping of your commercial property. Acting upon this guide will help in maintaining the curb appeal of your commercial estate.

Getting Rid of the Perennial Glass

Tall perennial grass turns into a substantial mess during winters particularly if the region witnesses freezing temperatures and snowfall. In order to protect your commercial property from this muck, cut down all the perennial grass around the property during fall clean-up routine. Cutting back perennial grass doesn’t eliminate it permanently. It will grow back to its usual height as the winter ends and spring starts. However, avoid cutting dwarf perennial grass because it can turn into dieback during winters and you can eventually lose that whole grass patch forever.

Employing Cautious Pruning

For all the trees and botanical ornamentals surrounding your commercial property, experts advise employing only cautious pruning. This can be ensured by taking care of these things.

  • Only remove already dead or dying branches of ornamental plants.
  • Apart from removing dead branches, avoid pruning evergreens plantation around your property. Their normal growth helps them in dealing with the detrimental effects of winter temperatures.
  • In the light of recent seasonal anomalies, it is advised not to do detailed pruning of tree branches during the fall clean-up. Trees with fewer branching bear the greater brunt of freezing temperatures.

Removal of Leaves

Landscapes decked with fallen autumn leaves only look good with a natural backdrop. For a commercial property, a pile of dead leaves resting on the landscape only result in an untidy look.  For a more polished and sparkling appearance, it is important to have a spot clean-up of your commercial landscape after every two weeks during peak fall.

Drainage Cleaning

Besides filling the landscapes, plant debris also makes its way into the drainage inlets and outlets around a commercial property. Fallen leaves and other plant waste such as brush and sticks can easily clog any outdoor drainage system. You might not notice this during fall. But as soon as the area will receive its first spell of winter rains, you will get to know about the clogging firsthand as the surrounding of the property will be flooded. A good fall clean-up routine also takes care of the removal of plant debris from the drainage system surrounding the property.

A comprehensive fall clean-up routine will help in preserving your landscape investment from the harsh conditions of winters. It will also lay the foundation for fine spring bloom. In order to have your property landscape better prepared to withstand winter spoil, get in touch with Fresh Cut Landscape.

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