5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Landscaping this Winter

If you live in a seasonal climate, you know all that winter means and brings. It’s cold, wet, windy, slippery, dark and not very inspiring – unless of course, you’re a winter sports enthusiast.

From most folks who live in seasonal climates, winter is more about staying indoors and maybe tackling some of those indoor home improvement projects you put on your list of things to do last summer. In short, winter means a lot of things but one thing that typically never comes to mind or finds its way to the to-do list is landscaping.

Yet, many homeowners would like to be able to do a few things to enhance their view when they look outdoors at their landscaping. And they typically come up empty when it comes to devising a list of possibilities.

Here are 5 things you can do to spruce up your landscaping this winter!

Looking for some fresh, vibrant color to add? Try berries. There is a range of berries that can live through severe winter conditions. Two such berries are crabapple and winterberry. They look lovely on display in your yard and they provide a food source for the birds that will find their way onto your property throughout the winter season.

If you’re familiar with bark, you’ll be able to turn a rather forlorn-looking landscape into a stunning landscape – even in the depth of winter. Simply add a dogwood or birch tree to lend your landscape terrific texture and fresh color. In addition, some dogwoods and birch trees are unique so your landscape will now distinguish itself from all others. People will notice and appreciate the visual gift you’ve given them in the ids of the dreariness.

You must have evergreens. Evergreens provide vibrant color and give your winter landscape a timely yet lovely look. Did you know that evergreens are available in colors other than green? You can get a blue or yellow evergreen that becomes particularly nice additions to any winter landscape.

Winter is dry – your plants shouldn’t be. It’s imperative that you water your plants during the winter. It’s common for people to think that by watering their plants they’ll just freeze and perhaps not survive the winter. But that’s a misconception. YO must give water to your plants’ roots all year long. Of course, be cognizant not to get water on the stems and leaves. The roots need the water – not the stems and leaves.

Take a look at your hardscape.  It could probably use a boost just like your landscaping. Maybe you can add a sculpture, a pot, or even a bench. If there is an area of your yard that could be ideal for sitting – even in the winter – consider adding a nice bench to add a seating area to your winter outdoor living space.

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